Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 63: Take Me Underground (2/11/18)


After a fantastic Chapter 62PROGRESS heads to Manchester, England.  Let’s jump straight into the card for PROGRESS Chapter 63: Take Me Underground.

Match 1: “Urchin Prince” Drew Parker vs Spike Trivet


Two polar opposite characters.  Two of the best young wrestlers in the UK.  Parker debuted at Unboxing 2, teaming with Clint Margera he is an insane brawler that has no fear.  Much like Jimmy Havoc, he is happy to wrestle or kill you with various toys.  The “Professor” Trivet is the most unlikeable member of the roster not named Zack Gibson.  The crowd will be fully behind Parker but the professor should have enough to pull out a win.

Predictions: Spike Trivet to win

Match 2: Tyler Bate vs Zack Sabre Junior


Two of the worlds best clash in a PROGRESS ring.  With ZSJ seemingly sticking around the UK for awhile, they could be building him for a title shot.  This match will be a technical classic but may be forgotten by the end of the show

Predictions: Zack Sabre Junior to win

Match 3: Mark Andrews vs. Flash Morgan Webster


After ending his losing streak in slightly controversial fashion Webster takes on WWEUK star Mark Andrews.  Andrews’ former partner Dennis is still around despite injury and is sure to make his presence known.  Webster has also had his eyes turned by Havoc and Haskins.  Webster made his return from injury alongside Haskins to help Havoc just one year ago.  It would be very symbolic for him to follow in their footsteps and turn to the dark side to win matches.

Predictions: Flash Morgan Webster to win

Match 4: PROGRESS Tag Team Championships: Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zach Gibson) (c) vs Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins W/Vicky Haskins


Two of the most hated tag teams in PROGRESS go to war for the titles.  One team will lose their unbeaten streak.  The GYV will never have the adoration of the crowd, making Havoc and Haskins the faces here.  Both teams have given new life to the pairs involved and both have gelled well as teams.  Havoc and Haskins have the ruthless edge needed to walk away with a win.

Predictions: Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins to win the titles

Match 5: Toni Storm & Charlie Morgan vs. Chakara & Nina Samuels w/ Jinny


After defending her title against Chakara, Storm is still champion.  She teams with newcomer Morgan.  A tough street smart girl who has performed well in her previous appearances.  Chakara was the last minute challenger to Storm on behalf of Jinny.  She announced herself to the PROGRESS audience with a fantastic showing against independent wrestling’s best woman.  Samuels has been revitalized since turning heel at the Live At The Dome shows.  Jinny and her posse are set to take over the women’s division and a win here could put pressure on Storm.

Predictions: Chakara and Nina Samuels to win

Match 6: Pete Dunne & Trent Seven vs Matt Riddle & David Starr


The original British Strong Style team up again.  They take on dream team Starr and Riddle.  The technical and mat prowess of Riddle and Starr meets the hard-hitting ways of Seven and Dunne.  Riddle will still have the ATLAS championship in his sights and a win over two of the biggest stars in PROGRESS would put him right back in contention.  Look forward to Seven’s pre-match promo which has left fans in stitches lately.  Hard hits will be the tone of this match with some great comedy mixed in.

PredictionsMatt Riddle & David Starr to win

Match 7: ATLAS Division Championship: WALTER (c) vs Mark Davis


WALTER retained the title in a classic match against Timothy Thatcher at Chapter 62.  He moves on to face Aussie Open’s Davis.  Davis is one of the only men on the roster who can chop as hard as WALTER.  For a newcomer, Davis has gotten over thanks to his dynamic, fast-paced offense.  WALTER is building a resume of great PROGRESS matches and he will retain here.  The fans at PROGRESS Chapter 63 are going to see some wince-inducing strikes in this one.

Predictions: WALTER to win and retain

MAIN EVENT: PROGRESS World Championship: Travis Banks (c) vs Chris Brookes vs TK Cooper


Brookes and Cooper have been having problems, Banks has been stuck in the middle.  When trying to stop Cooper accidentally hit Banks during a melee at Chapter 62 which saw Banks retaliate.  Eventually, ring crew stopped all three from killing each other and this match was set.  The stories coming in evolve around Banks teaming with both Cooper and Brookes before.  He can’t pick a side but must also defend his title.  There’s so much happening in this match and so many stories being told and they may come to a head here.

Predictions: Travis Banks to win and retain


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