Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 62 Fear No More Come To Dust


PROGRESS emanates from the Electric Ballroom with another absolutely stacked card.  Nothing more to say than let’s jump right into the action from Chapter 62: Fear No More Come To Dust.

Match 1: “Body Guy” Roy Johnson vs  Pastor William Eaver


The Two ProJo graduates clash here.  Johnson is making his first chapter appearance since Day 3 of Super Strong Style 16 back in May.  The charismatic young man who uses his great power to his advantage has been very over in PROGRESS thanks to his Wasteman challenges and cool nature.  He faces former PROGRESS champion Eaver.  Since dropping the title, Eaver has moved into a comedic role, accentuating the supernatural elements of his gimmick.  This will be a fun clash between two strong personalities

Predictions: Pastor William Eaver to win 

Match 2: Doug Williams vs Flash Morgan Webster


After Webster seemingly said goodbye, Williams reached out requesting a match.  The British wrestling legend wanted to wrestle Webster while he still had a chance.  Williams has picked up some wins in PROGRESS and has never failed to turn back the clock in his matches.  Webster never fails to show heart and should he take the match will take it ot the legend.

Predictions: Doug Williams to win

Match 3: Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins w/ Vicki Haskins vs Mark Andrews & “Dragon Heart” Danny Jones


The Team of Havoc and Haskins have caused chaos in PROGRESS.  The new dark side to Haskins has seen him become near unstoppable, but the venomous duo comes up against stiff competition in this one. Mark Andrews has been embroiled in a bitter feud with his former friend Eddie Dennis, but will need to focus on his opponents.  He has history with Havoc, the man who screwed him out of the PROGRESS World title just minutes after he won it.  Andrews teams with fellow Welshman Danny Jones.  The 22-year-old recently began wrestling full time and is primed to have a big 2018.  He has already toured with All Japan Pro Wrestling and has been a title holder in Dragon Pro and ATTACK! Pro.  The welsh duo will provide stiff competition, but there is nothing that can stop Havoc and Haskins at the moment.

Predictions: Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins to win

Match 4: Omari vs Chris Ridgeway


A clash between two of the brightest prospects in the UK today.  Ridgeway has a big MMA influence in his wrestling style.  Having been trained by some of the best workers the UK ever produced, like Robbie Brookside, he has the mat skills to go with his vicious strikes and suplexes.  Omari comes in at  6′ 4″  and will need to use all of his reach to get at Ridgeway.  He uses his lanky legs to great affect and can hit some devastating kicks.  For anyone who hasn’t seen these guys in the ring, you are in for a treat.

Preidctions: Chris Ridgeway to win

Match 5: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Chris Brookes vs Trent Seven


With Chris Brookes’ partner Kid Lykos injured and Trent Seven’s WWE contracted team mates not booked, it gives them the opportunity to face one of the BritWres pioneers in Zack Sabre Jr.  This is an exhibition match in every sense of the word, but there is no doubt it will be good.

Predictions: Zack Sabre Jr. to win

Match 6: PROGRESS Womens Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs Millie McKenzie


Popular champion Storm has been gaining gold all over the world and been getting more and more popular with the PROGRESS crowd.  Her opponent was originally set to be the despised Jinny, who has recently won the RevPro womens title.  Having shown an edge by defeating Dahlia Black in an No DQ match she would have been a tough challenge for Storm, but injuries have forced Jinny out of the match – but her replacement is no slouch.  One of the hottest women on the scene Millie McKenzie, picked up a big win at Chapter 60 in a six-person match.  Storm and McKenzie has the chance to steal the card, both are beloved by the fans and neither will back down.

Predictions Toni Storm to win and retain

Match 7: PROGRESS ATLAS Championship: WALTER (c) vs Timothy Thatcher


Ringkampf members collide as tag partners clash again on this show.  Thatcher defeated Davis and Ridgeway in one night to gain momentum here.  The thin division has seen the title ht potatoes and great matches are carrying it.  No idea who wins but this will be great.

Predictions: WALTER to win and retain

Main Event: PROGRESS World Championship: Travis Banks (c) vs. TK Cooper


The South Pacific Power Trip clash in one of PROGRESS’ most anticipated matches ever to take place in the Ballroom.  Cooper challenged Banks at Chapter 60 and after overcoming Brookes, he faces another tag partner.  Cooper has a great story coming in here having never held PROGRESS gold, mostly due to VISA/injury issues and the fans will be behind him to get the win.  There could be a huge story beat here as we may see issues between Banks and one of his partners.

Predictions: Travis Banks to win and retain


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