Eddie Edwards: Mr. Anything Is Possible


Eddie Edwards has been wrestling for over fifteen years. In that time, he has wrestled all over the world. He holds the distinction of being the first foreign-born wrestler to hold the Global Honored Crown Heavyweight Championship in Pro Wrestling NOAH history. He is also a former World Heavyweight Champion with Impact Wrestling. On that night, he became Mr. Anything Is Possible. Clearly, he has come a long way from holding the New England Championship Wrestling Tag Team Titles with DC Dillinger.

In that time, he has suffered his fair share of physical setbacks and injuries. At the time of this media teleconference, he was mending facial injuries from a baseball bat strike. In a post-match scuffle with Sami Callihan, Edwards suffered broken bones in his face, a few cuts, and a black eye. While it was a setback, it certainly isn’t his first injury. “Stitches and such, broken elbow, broken heel, separated shoulders, I’ve had a decent amount (of injuries) here and there”. Eddie Edwards has come back from each and every one of them.

This one is a bit different. After having to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, this one is a bit more personal. “These things happen in the ring, but there are certain lines you don’t cross. Sami and oVe seem to be able to cross that line a bit too easily.” Later on, he adds “I can’t get the feeling of Sami hitting me in the eye… I lay down and I can still feel the bat hitting me in the eye. It’s not pleasant, I don’t know if you expected it would be, but it’s not very pleasant. So today, tomorrow, next week, a month from now, six months from now, my focus is to get my hands on Sami and oVe and try to get a little revenge, get some payback. And I think that’s definitely in the works.”

Once he’s through with Callihan, what’s next for Eddie Edwards? “In the background, there’s always that Heavyweight Championship. That’s why I am a pro wrestler… So that’s always in my sights, at all times. That’s always on my mind. But right now I have to focus on Sami and oVe and try to get revenge for basically trying to take one of my eyes.”

He’s worked with his wife, Alisha Edwards (aka Alexxis Naveah on the indie circuit), in the past. According to Edwards, she’ll be sticking around with Impact. And that is all right by him. “For a long time, we did some indie shows here and there together, but to be able to work in Impact Wrestling together was a whole new ballgame for us. It was a unique opportunity, and it was pretty cool, we didn’t get sick of each other traveling together, which is always a nice thing. She’s still with Impact Wrestling, and she will be back some time in the near future.”

On his own contract status, he states “Impact Wrestling has been my home for the past few years, and will continue to be my home for the foreseeable future.” As one of the more veteran members of the roster at this point, and with a program with oVe on the horizon, that future looks very bright.



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