Match Point: AR Fox vs Tetsuya Naito (2/18/2018)

Photo: Glory Pro

Match Point returns for Tetsuya Naito‘s first non-New Japan tour in the US ever.  In his third match (following matches with Wrestling Revolver and AAW the nights previous), he takes on indie star AR Fox (aka Dante Fox on Lucha Underground).  The match is being held to commemorate the one year anniversary of Glory Pro Wrestling, Sunday February 18. They will be looking to get people talking about the wrestling rather than former owner Michael Elgin, with a first time ever meeting between two great workers with very different styles in AR Fox vs Tetsuya Naito.

Photo: Glory Pro

The leader of Los Ingobernables De Japon, Naito wrestles using the ways of “Tranquilo”.  He will slow the match to his pace and taunt Fox at every chance.  When he gets an opening he will unleash an onslaught of fast-paced athletic moves for maximum effect.  His gameplan is to soften up his opponents for his Destino finisher.  Naito goes in having lost to Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 12.  Despite losing, Naito became a star in the eyes of all the fans seeing him for the first time.  Getting to see the charismatic anti-hero live and outside a Japanese ring will be incredibly cool and must see for any fan of Glory Pro and will bring a lot of eyes to this fantastic promotion.  The crowd will no doubt eat up Naito’s presence and he won’t look out of place having a hot crowd behind him.  This is a rare chance to see an NJPW star compete in an independent company.

Photo: NJPW

He faces one of the most underrated workers in all the US.  AR Fox is the opposite of Naito. He wrestles a dangerous, extreme style from the opening bell.  Fox can do some of the most death-defying moves I’ve seen anyone pull off in a wrestling ring.  The most insane part is he does it and never seriously injures himself or his opponent.  This match provides him a chance to wow many people watching him for the first time.  Fox’s problem is he will easily fall into any trap Naito has set for him.  The clash of Tranquilo and extremist forms an interesting clash of styles.  Fox will need to be at his best and pull out every move in his arsenal.

The show is sold out but can be seen on Smart Mark Videos and will be well worth a watch.  Check out the whole show if you have the time to see some fantastic emerging talent.


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