Barbed Wire Massacre III on Impact Wrestling This Thursday

Photo: Impact Wrestling

This Thursday, the long awaited final showdown between OvE (Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist) against LAX (Homicide, Santana & Ortiz) in a no-ropes, Barbed Wire Massacre match finally airs on Impact Wrestling. The match was originally taped from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada back at the tapings following Bound For Glory, but this week it finally sees the light of day, with all of its barbaric savagery and intense brutality. It marks the third Barbed Wire Massacre match in Impact Wrestling history, and the first to appear on regular television (the previous two were on PPV) – oddly enough, it’s also the first to not include The Monster Abyss.

Barbed Wire Massacre I: ABYSS vs. SABU, TNA Turning Point 2005

The very first Barbed Wire Massacre took place on December 11, 2005 at TNA Turning Point, in a bloody feud between The Monster Abyss and the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Sabu. The culmination of an intense rivalry, the match was supposed to be an advantage for the former ECW Original, as Abyss had a fear of barbed wire going into the match. But although Abyss conquered his fears, the hardcore icon Sabu ultimately won the match.

Barbed Wire Massacre II: ABYSS vs. JUDAS MESIAS, TNA Against All Odds 2008

Another rivalry with Abyss, Judas Mesias (better known today as Mil Muertes on Lucha Underground) debuted in Impact Wrestling as the half-brother of Abyss and new ward of Father James Mitchell (who himself declared was the father of both), after Mitchell turned on Abyss. Another feud culmination that saw Abyss maintain his monster status with his second Barbed Wire Massacre victory in as many matches. While the entire PPV was filmed live from the BI-LO Center in Greenville, South Carolina on February 10, 2008, this particular match was broadcast from the Impact Zone – shortly before the PPV was to take place, the South Carolina State Commission rescinded permission for the match due to its potential brutality, and TNA was forced to broadcast the match from Orlando, Florida instead.

Barbed Wire Massacre III: OvE (Sami Callihan, Jake & Dave Crist) vs. LAX (Homicide, Santana & Ortiz), Impact Wrestling 2018

OvE and LAX have been battling for months now over the Impact Tag Team titles, but at this point, the belts have become circumstantial. Now the fight has gotten personal and both teams despise each other. This Thursday, it all comes to a head in a three-on-three war inside a ring with no ropes, surrounded by barbed wire, with three wrestlers who aren’t afraid to bleed to get the job done. There’s been reports that Impact may in fact be moving the match to their new Twitch channel due to PopTV not allowing it to air due to it being too violent, but as of this writing, Impact is still advertising the match to air this Thursday on its regular programming.

You could tell that the performers were pretty proud of this match after it was filmed, as both Callihan and Santana commented on it, while Jeremy Borash and Sonjay Dutt both commented on just how crazy it was.


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