Preview: OTT Contenders 5 (1/14/2018)

Photo: OTT

Over The Top Wrestling (OTT) returns for their first show of 2018, with OTT Contenders 5.  They bring “contenders” to the Ringside Club once again to show off some of the best prospects in Ireland.  Without further ado let’s get into the action

Match 1: Nathan Martin vs El Phantasmo

Photo: OTT

Nathan Martin comes off the biggest match of his career so far at Being The Elite.  He is taking on a canadian high flier El Phantasmo.  Phantasmo has been making a name for himself all over the UK having impressed for ATTACK! Pro Wrestling.  This match will provide a great opportunity to see Phantasmo and get him some new fans.  It wont steal the show but this will be very good.

Predictions: El Phantasmo to win

Match 2: Gunther Isaak & Raven Creed vs Debbie Keitel & B.Cool

Photo: OTT

After Creed and Keitel tore the house down at Contenders 4 Isaak debuted.  Seemingly aligned with Creed he went to attack Keitel but B. Cool made the save.  Creed and Isaak form a scary team Isaak is a beast of a man that can move well.  Creed is a tough proposition for anyone man or woman.  They face the beloved ragtag team of Cool and Keitel.  Hopefully the good guys can pull off the win but who knows what Creed has up her sleeve

Predictions: Gunther Isaak & Raven Creed to win

Match 3: A Kid vs Scotty Davis

Photo: OTT

The rising star of Irish wrestling Scotty Davis takes on a Spanish sensation in A-Kid.  The young Spaniard trained by CCW in their academy.  He is a good flier and has a chance to make an impression here.  Davis will be tasked with showing how good he is here and he is surely more than up to the task.

Predictions: Scotty Davis to win

Match 4: Fabulous Nicky & Session Moth Martina vs Club Tropicana (Aiden Epix & Captain Sexsea)

Photo: OTT

The Tropicana lads managed to #stayaliveforcontenders5.  They had a hilarious match with The Kings Of The North but got too big for their boots.  Nicky caught Sexsea bragging at how easily he would beat Martina and challenged them to a match.  This is the funniest version of grizzled veteran vs cocky youth there will ever be.

Predictions: Martina & Fabulous Nicky to win

Match 5: LJ Cleary vs Dave Mastiff

Photo: OTT

Big Banter returns to OTT for the first time since December 2016.  He takes on the hugely promising Cleary who considers himself the No.1 contender.  This will be a very funny big man vs little man, agility vs brawn match with a twist.  Mastiff is very underrated and Cleary is more than capable of having a great match.  Expect this to steal the show and have the best chants of the show.

Predictions: Dave Mastiff to win

Match 6: Michael May vs Doug Williams

Photo: OTT

British Wrestling legend Doug Williams debuts in OTT and wrestles for an Irish Company for the first time since 2004.  He takes on Legit 100 member and one of the best up and coming grapplers in Ireland in Michael May.  This will be a technical classic and both men will be out to put on the best match possible.

Predictions: Michael May to win

Match 7: Jordan Devlin vs Darren Kearney

Photo: OTT

Kearney returns to Ireland after a few months training with Lance Storm.  He takes on NLW champion Devlin in a a huge match for Kearney.  He can show here just how much he learned from Storm.  Devlin has been on a great streak of having Match Of The Night and he will surely go out of his way to make this the best match on the show.

Predictions: Jordan Devlin to win

OTT returns with an exciting lineup filled with potential if you want to see a new generation of talent.  Watch this show.


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