A London Riot: Strangler Davis Added to Accused in UK Scandal


EDIT: In the original publication of this article, we stated that James Davis was being accused of the same allegations against Daniel Edler. At the time, the full extent of Edler’s actions were not known and the implication of the allegations was intended to be in the sexual misconduct with minors. As it’s come to light of very different allegations against Edler, we have edited the article to reflect that the allegations are not similar. We apologize for insinuating the alleged crimes were identical as that was not our original intention.

Yesterday we broke that former IPW:UK owner and promoter Daniel Edler was accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, which rocked the UK indie scene. Edler, who sold IPW:UK last year, had recently opened a new wrestling promotion/school named Spotlight Wrestling, but once news broke yesterday, the talent on the card was quick to leave the promotion and wash their hands of any alliance. One of the wrestlers who denounced the promotion and withdrew was former London Riot James Davis (aka Strangler Davis), who also competes for PROGRESS Wrestling among other UK promotions.

But it didn’t take long for Davis’ name to get brought into the public debate on the former IPW:UK owner’s scandal, when a 23-year old woman went public that Davis himself was allegedly guilty of sexual misconduct himself. The victim, who goes by Hanni on Twitter, had the following to say this afternoon.

As the afternoon went on, Hanni was offered much love and support from the wrestling community. So far, none of Davis’ regular promotions have commented. Hanni returned to post more later in the afternoon.

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Jamie Greer is the Managing Editor and lead writer for Last Word on Pro Wrestling. A lifelong wrestling fan who started with the WWF in the early 80's, he now follows everything from the smallest indie to WWE. He's also written for WrestleZone, The Windsor Star, Windsor Independent and other publications. He lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and son.


  1. For a publication that boasts “We don’t report unconfirmed rumours or exaggerate headlines to make a story”, this article is an absolute disgrace.

    The author is ruining a man’s life based on absolutely nothing aside from the twitter rant of an ex-partner.

    To suggest that the comments made by this woman equates to an allegation “that Davis himself was guilty of the same predatory accusations against Edler, when the woman in question was only 15 herself” is defamatory and libelous.

    For a start, this woman cannot agree with herself whether she was 15 or 16 when the alleged abuse took place (see “at 16 (when it began)”).

    She also provides limited specific information about what Davis allegedly did, none of it is supported by any evidence whatsoever, and these “countless” witnesses do not seem to have materialised.

    In the case of Edler, there is solid verifiable evidence of his conduct – that conduct being the sexual abuse and grooming of underage girls. It appears beyond question that he is guilty of this conduct, and the people who have come forward ought to be applauded, in particular the individual who has reported his conduct to the police. Sexual abuse of any kind is unacceptable and it is quite right that he is punished for what he has done.

    On the other hand, there is nothing to suggest that Davis is guilty of anything at all, let alone the disgusting conduct in which Edler has engaged. To post these unsupported alegations on Twitter is unacceptable; for a journalist to report on those Twitter posts as if they are fact, and to misrepresent those facts, is unforgivable and negligent.

    Given the clearly unregulated state of social media at the moment, it is not difficult to post allegations about anybody. I, for example, could quite easily draft a few Twitter posts claiming that I have also been sexually abused, that my ex-partners have suggested I adopt alternative hairstyles or dress differently, suggest that I didn’t have the greatest sex life with said ex-partner, and confuse myself as to exactly how old I was when this all took place. It would be very easy. Sadly, where the police may srutinise my, frankly, unbelievable account, the Twitter universe will commend me as “so fucking brave” for coming forward about this fictitious abuse.

    What is all the more shocking is the total disrespect shown by the Tweet-er (if I can use this term) in question to other people’s opinion. I have seen a gentleman write a post condemning the use of Twitter as a courtroom, and remarking that there are two sides to every story. Despite this opinion bearing a striking resemblance to the Rule of Law that this country has adopted for God knows how long, the Tweeter (and many others who commented on the post) treats the post with distain.

    If anybody reads this, I fully expect to receive responses calling me a victim-blamer, abuse-enabler, and the like. But I am simply stating facts. It is easy to make baseless allegations over Twitter. It is wholly irresponsible to report on those as if they are set-in-stone facts.

    Don’t ruin a man’s life based on a handful of Twitter posts (I cannot believe I even have to say this).

    The author should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Firstly, let’s clear one thing up. I was 15 when we began dating. 16 when the abuse started. Hense me specifying (16 when it began.) cool, let’s continue.

    If you check my timeline, I did go into further details about what JD did to me. Details that I chose to share purely on the basis that it needs to be heard. However I did not have to, and have chosen to leave some offences private because they are too crude to be put on twitter. It seems that unless is specify the gory details, people don’t want to know. Do you see how sad that is? Do you not think this experience is painful enough for both me and the other girls involved? Or are you that deluded that you too can’t see through davis’ bullshit.

    Secondly, please ask yourself why 5 different Victims, of different ages, who didn’t know eachother, and have never met, would come forward about the same man claiming very similar experiences. Why would we chose to make that up, for what purpose? Not only are there separate accounts, there are multiple people who can confirm times and where about surrounding certain allegations. Those people have said they will speak up if necessary.

    For example, when Davis got a 16 year old drunk at an after party and took her back to his hotel room (I say took, i Mean insisted.) there are several people who can confirm they watched him deliberately intoxicate her, and take advantage. There are people who knew she was 16, and that Davis was a grown “man” but chose to let it happen.

    You obviously don’t understand manipulative behaviour, but for myself personally, Davis’ Insisted on keeping our relationship private, therefore destroying any lifelines and witnesses. Very sociopathic, yet clever. Because if nobody knew we were dating, then who could prove anything?

    What happened to me, 7 years ago, has potentially ruined a large deal of my life. I’ve had to deal with serve social anxiety, And PTSD which led me to lose a lot of people in my life. For you to even suggest that I am not telling the truth, is the exact reason scumbags like this get away with such disgusting things.
    Abuse is often silent, and goes on behind closed doors with very little evidence in the outside world. The sexual abuse I endured happened behind closed doors, when he used to push my head down upon himself and pull my hair when I tried to stop. Wha about when he used to tell me to “suck my stomach in because it was too fat” or not to wear my hair up because my face was too big?

    Please tell me what proof I am meant to produce of that? The point of ABUSE is that it is often HIDDEN. I Am I meant to produce evidence of things that he shouted 7 years ago? No. I am the evidence. And so are the other girls.

    I am trying to raise awareness of a bigger issue. There are 5 different girls, all of which have endured similar things to myself. 5 girls who were minpulated, abused, and physically hurt. If allowed, I am sure JD will continue to take advantage of young impressionable girls. It ruined my life but I won’t let it ruin theirs.

    The fact you’d mock and insult these victims is repulsive. I have no reason to lie, I will never have any reason to lie, and I will continue to speak up.

    Please think before you post, and try and think about how YOU would feel if it was your sister, daughter, or close friend who had endured the same thing.

    • If there is one good thing that has come out of my comment, it is that you have clarified that you were 16 when any alleged abuse took place. The author of this article wrote “Davis himself was allegedly guilty of the same predatory accusations against Edler, when the woman in question was only 15 herself”. The alleged victim (you) have now confirmed that this is not true. My comments about the defamatory and libellous nature of this article have been fully vindicated, and the author ought to publish an apology (although I do not expect it).

      Furthermore, in response to your post, people on Twitter immediately responded by calling Davis a paedo and a nonce, assuming that you were accusing him of sexual abuse when you were underage. As you have now confirmed, this is not true. This is the major point that I highlighted with my comment. It is dangerous to throw accusations at somebody over the internet.

      I am not mocking or insulting any victim. I do not find this situation remotely funny. Davis has been accused of horrible crimes with absolutely nothing to back it up. People have turned on him, promoters have removed him from every show, based on these allegations. I do not think it is a mockery or an insult to suggest that a man’s life should not be ruined based on a few unconfirmed Twitter posts.

      You ask me to consider why five victims have all come forward. I am not sure who all five are, but the four I know of are these:

      You – I have said what I need to say about your posts.

      Jess – alleges that she was sexually assaulted when 16. As I understand it, her dad has actually posted a screenshot of a message that Davis sent to him directly, informing him that Davis had been involved in a sexual relationship with Jess, as had others. I understand this message was sent years ago. I ask you, and everybody else, to consider why nothing was done about it at the time, if it was genuinely felt that Davis had sexually abused this girl. If he had abused her, the proof was there, and the proof was provided by Davis himself, no less! If it was abuse, then he had given her father a written confession to the abuse. Any father would do something about this. The only sensible conclusion to draw from this is that the father did not believe that the message was an admission to any form of sexual abuse. Before anybody has a go at me for attacking Jess or her father, I am not. I understand that she was genuinely abused by Edler, and that for years she and her family have fought to have him brought the justice. I am glad that this is finally happening, and Jess and her father should be applauded, and given all of the support in the world concerning the abuse she suffered at Edler’s hand. I merely point out that evidence suggests (and I would like to point out that this is the only piece of evidence that has actually been provided in respect of Davis) that Davis did not abuse her.

      Anonymous 1 – girl claiming that Davis spiked her drink and assumes that he sexually abused her at a hotel. As with your allegations, there is absolutely nothing to back this up, and it was not reported at the time. Based on her account of what happened, there ought to be a lot of witnesses who could confirm Davis was spiking her drink, if he did do it. The incident allegedly occurred in public. Where are these witnesses?

      Anonymous 2 – she simply says that Davis was manipulative and cheated on her. To suggest that this is a further allegation of abuse is ludicrous.

      You ask me to consider why five people have come forward. Firstly, the fact that multiple people make allegations is not proof that any of them are true. Particularly in recent years, waves of people come out of the woodwork alleging sexual abuse as soon as the issue is raised. They may all be true, some of them may be true, or none of them may be true. The number of allegations does not confirm that a single one is true. Additionally, not all five allegations even allege abuse.

      I ask anybody reading this to consider the following: 1) if all five of these people are completely unconnected, never met each other, never contacted each other, etc. how is it that not a single one of them made any sort of allegation about Davis beforehand? 2) Why are they all suddenly making allegations at exactly the same time? 3) (and probably most importantly) How is it that there is not a single shred of evidence, or a single witness, to suggest that any of this actually took place?

      You stated in your original thread that you have countless witnesses. You now say “Davis’ Insisted on keeping our relationship private, therefore destroying any lifelines and witnesses”. So are there witnesses, or not?

      You also state that none of the accusers know each other, yet concerning the girl accusing Davis of drugging her, you say “there are several people who can confirm they watched him deliberately intoxicate her”. How do you know this? And where are these witnesses? How is it that absolutely nobody said anything sooner?

      As I have said before, it is no mockery nor is it an insult to suggest that a man’s life and reputation should not be so easily ruined. It is also no mockery or insult to point out that your account is not even consistent with itself, let alone supported by a single shred of evidence.

      You’ve posted a message online asking why Davis would have gone private on Twitter if he had nothing to hide. Here are a couple of theories:

      1) He doesn’t believe that Twitter is a courtroom and sees no reason why he should respond to baseless allegations online; or
      2) He is sick of being called a paedo and a nonce based on said baseless allegations (particularly considering you have now confirmed that you are not actually alleging abuse when you were underage).

      As a final point, you urge me to “think before [I] post”. You would benefit from following your own advice. You posted an extract of a message another girl sent to you anonymously and in confidence. You wrote that the message was from “A victim that is still so terrified of him, that she’s chosen to contact me but wishes to remain anonymous”. The very first line of her message, which you posted for the world to see, reads “I was in a relationship with Davis before”. Do you think that Davis, and people who know him, won’t work out who this is? Despite her wishes to remain anonymous, you posted her confidential message to everyone on the internet and revealed her identity. Your insistence that you have spoken up to protect victims is clearly nonsense. If this girl is a victim, and is terrified of Davis, you, as a fellow victim, would be more concerned about her privacy.

      I won’t waste my time responding to you again.

      To conclude and to summarise for anybody reading this who could be persuaded to use logic and reason: There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Davis has done anything wrong, the only piece of evidence which has been provided actually supports the assertion that Davis has not done anything wrong, and no formal allegation from anybody has been made against Davis. I repeat, do not allow a few Twitter posts to ruin this man’s life.

      • The predatory accusations were of engaging in relations with a minor. If they were dating at 15, which she has confirmed, that is still illegal. The sexual assault may have started at 16, but if the relationship began at 15, that is still relations with a minor, which is exactly what was stated.

        • Jamie, you will see below that the ‘victim’ herself has confirmed that she never accused him of the same predatory accusations as Edler. Is that enough for you to issue an apology, or take this article down?

      • As someone that is victim of his abuse for a long time I can’t believe your trying to police this situation and call aspects ludicrous.
        I was vague, because of fear. My friends know that I have had to struggle to go out and be normal again because I was not allowed to go out. I was spat at in an argument. I was pushed and injured. There is proof. If this is not enough for you then I’m sorry. But he is aware and has apologised to me…. but more stuff has come to light since.
        You are not the police.

        • With respect, when accusations like this are made over the internet with absolutely no evidence to back it up, resulting in the total ruin of a man’s reputation, somebody should be policing it.

          It is unacceptable that one can make these kind of accusations over the internet, and that people will blindly believe every word, and that somebody’s life will be totally ruined as a result.

          Anybody could accuse you of anything online, and sadly the world would now believe it. The accusation may be true, may be false. But the social media world will believe every word.

          This scenario needs policing, and it is good to note that the allegations against Edler have been reported to the police (in the hope that they will police it, I imagine).

          Considering that the allegations against Davis have not been reported, but the social media world treat him as a convicted sex offender anyway, somebody needs to do something.

          As a final note – please consider that people were posting online that Davis is a nonce, a paedo, and this very publication reported that Davis is guilty of exactly what Edler is guilty of. Had it not need for my comments on this article, the complainant (Hann) would never have clarified that she was not actually accusing him of abuse when she was underage. Thank God somebody was policing this!

  3. No, the allegations against Edler were that he raped and solicited naked photographs of minors. Not that he had a relationship with one.

    I am well aware that having sex with a 15 year old is illegal. It is unclear from this woman’s allegations whether she is saying this happened or not.

    Either way, her allegations are absolutely nothing like the confirmed allegations against Edler. My point remains valid. Your article is defamatory and libellous.

  4. I never ever claimed that he was a paedo, or that he was the same as edler. The media did, but I did not confirm this. We started seeing eachother when I was 15, he was 20. When I turned 16 he began abusing me.

    That is the crime. The sexual and emotional abuse. It doesn’t matter how old I was, that itself is a crime.

    I’m honestly disgusted at your attitude Ryan, you’ve proved what kind of person you are. I have absolutely nothing else to say to you.

    • You destroyed a man’s reputation based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever. All I have done is point out that what you said isn’t consistent, pointed out that there is no evidence, and highlighted the danger and injustice of doing this somebody. If that makes me a bad person, I am more than comfortable with that.

      • One further point:

        You have now, finally, said that you never claimed that he was a paedo. But you will have seen Twitter call him a paedo, you will have read this article, and others, and you have responded to me. It was not until this post that you confirmed you did not call him a paedo.

        You did absolutely nothing to correct those who berated Davis, you did nothing to clarify your posts on Twitter. You allowed Davis to live with the label ‘paedo’.

        If it wasn’t for my comments here, you would not have done a thing.

        That is why it is absolutely essential that accusations such as yours are scrutinised properly. There is a reason that people who were actually abused, such as Edler’s victims, have gone to the police. Their accounts will be scrutinised by the police, the prosecution, the defence, etc. The accusers know this, and have made those accusations anyway. They are real victim’s, and that is real bravery.

        Any idiot, any attention seeker, any drama queen, can make an accusation on Twitter. Like-minded morons will naturally applaud such bravery.

        When a woman came to you in confidence, you posted her message for the world to see. When people mistakenly accused Davis of being a paedo, you thanked them for their support. You need to consider your attitude, and your actions.

  5. I dig you Ryan! Respect and redemption. All this has done has cause more shit and fucked him over and not actually resolved shit all. Nothing she says can actually stand and is just based on word of mouth and what’s easy to get over…

  6. Ryan (and anyone who agrees with him), please read this with an open mind.

    In some ways I totally get where you’re coming from and I know that taking a step back and looking at it from a cold, purely logical perspective you may seem reasonable and fair, but I believe that you are on the wrong side of this.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that people’s lives shouldn’t be ruined by unproven accusations, and in “innocent until proven guilty”. The truth is that it’s not a case of you OR the people you’re arguing with being in the right, but (as with nearly everything) it’s a spectrum of truth where each side is both right AND wrong on certain points. You may not be 100% wrong, but even at 80% you can have enough “obvious truths” to hold onto to feel like your idea of the situation is more fair or has more merit than it actually does.

    However, I feel that on this one that you are off the mark and being very insensitive. You seem to be claiming, to the people making the accusations, that we have no way of knowing the truth of the matter at this stage. While from OUR perspective that may be true right now, just imagine hypothetically for a second that all the allegations are 100% true and how the victims (survivors?) may feel.
    In that situation you are calling out the victims of these crimes, doubting the stories that they KNOW FOR A FACT to be entirely true because not only did they live them, they have still not managed to escape from the damage that has been done to them and their lives.
    Do you think it is fair, reasonable or compassionate to be telling people who are 100% telling the truth and dealing with an extremely traumatic event that you don’t believe them, or calling them out about this?

    Even if you don’t believe these stories to be true you have to at least accept that there’s a possibility that they are, and in that case there is an equal possibility that you are being a complete shit to a group of people who are being very brave to speak out (not least because they have immediately come under attack from the likes of you).
    Now, while there is also a possibility of the reverse being true and these people making false accusations (which honestly doesn’t ring true for me, and doesn’t make a lot of sense), just as the people who support them have no right to be judge, jury and executioner, you don’t have the right to take on that role against these women. Two (potential) wrongs don’t make a right, if you’d just made the case that people shouldn’t be convicted via Twitter that would be one thing but you basically getting in the faces of these women and calling them out in the way that you have done is not how to handle this.

    I’m not saying that you’re inherently wrong, or that I am against you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a lovely person who just came at this from the wrong angle, and of course we should look at these things in a balanced way rather that automatically assuming that they’re true, but you’re taking a gamble with something that is incredibly and traumatic for many people. I believe that if you take this on board and try to be more aware & respectful of everyone involved in these kinds of allegations you could achieve the same goals with far better results.

    I think you might find this interesting 😉

    • I do definitely agree that these things need to be reported responsibly though, and not in any kind of sensationalist way. Getting the facts right is important, even if it just comes down to exactly how much of a shit somebody is.

    • This is the side we reported from. We have not said anyone is guilty of anything but merely reported the allegations brought against him. There’s been five different women come forward (who are not familiar with each other) so there seems to be some smoke. Whether it’s a fire or not, that is up to the police to decide.

      • I know you have now edited the article, but the original version of the article was inaccurate, and it was extremely irresponsible journalism.

    • Rory, I appreciate your sensible and reasoned response. I don’t agree that I’ve been getting in these people’s faces, or that I’ve been a shit to these people.

      You will note that the only reason this article was edited was because of my comments. After a few posts, the accuser eventually accepted that she had never said that Davis abused her when she was underage. It took a while, but she accepted it. You will be aware that this article alleged that Davis had abused an underage girl, and people on Twitter called him a nonce and a paedo, and the accuser was quite comfortable with that. If I have managed to change that even slightly, then I consider that I’ve done the right thing.

      My personal belief is that the allegations are not true, and I have pointed out a few reasons why I have this belief.

      However, my main point (and I believe this is a point we agree on) is that Twitter is not the place for these allegations to be made. It is far too easy to make an allegation against somebody. The consequences for that person could be horrific. The repercussions for making a false allegation are almost non-existent.

      You will have read that I have repeatedly applauded the conduct and bravery of those who spoke out about Edler and have taken the matter to the police. That is real bravery.

      I refuse to agree that somebody writing a few posts on Twitter is brave. I don’t think that’s insensitive. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say “before you ruin somebody’s life with accusations, I hope you can back them up”. That seems fair to me.

      I respect your opinion, and it is refreshing to see somebody look at this sensibly, even if I don’t agree with some of what you say. But when somebody’s life and reputation is on the line, it is absolutely essential that somebody is looking out for that person. These allegations need to be challenged. My view is that if any of the people were telling the truth, at least one of their allegations would have gone to the police, and it would be for the police to deal with it. As it happens, Davis has been denied the opportunity to clear his name formally. It is a nonsense to suggest that allegations not made to the police are more believable, and should be scrutinised less, than allegations which are. That is the point I have been making.

      • He hasn’t been denied the chance, he has chosen not to comment. So unless you know him personally, why are you coming out with comments like this?

        • He has been denied the chance to clear his name formally. A comment on Twitter is not what I would describe as a formal channel. Twitter is not the forum for making allegations, or responding to them.

          In any event, Twitter has already convicted him. In fact, Twitter, and this very publication, convicted him of an offence he was not even accused of! What would be the point in commenting?

          The majority of people commenting on Twitter called him a nonce and a paedo, despite him not actually being accused of being a nonce and/or a paedo. One wrestler hilariously suggested, via Twitter, that he adopt a new gimmick, the ‘Nonce Hunter’. Another person jovially started a countdown of days during which no sexual abuse allegations had been made. And when, finally, one gentleman on Twitter dared to suggest that there could be two sides to every story (a.k.a. ‘innocent until proven guilty’, ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Justice’, etc.), he was labelled a moron and paedo-sympathiser. These are hardly the reasonable minded members of the jury one wishes to plead one’s innocence before, are they?

          The facts are that five people (I have only counted four, but I am open to the possibility that I might have missed one, so I will call it five) have accused Davis of a variety of different things. There is no consistency amongst the allegations. In at least one case, there is no consistency amongst the single accuser’s tweets / comments (e.g. “there are countless witnesses” and “there are no witnesses”). At least one of the accusations does not disclose any form of sexual abuse at all. None of the five accusations were made at the time the conduct allegedly occurred. And, most importantly, there is not a single shred of evidence supporting a single one of the accusations. If that is not enough for those following on Twitter to, at very least, consider Davis’ innocence, do you really think an “I didn’t do it” tweet is?

          • I have stated nothing that I have not read online.

            Did people call Davis a nonce/paedo? Yes.

            Did this publication report that Davis was accused of abusing an underage girl? Yes.

            Did a British wrestler decide to make a joke of the whole thing, suggesting he adopt the gimmick ‘Nonce Hunter’? Yes.

            Did another start this hilarious countdown? Yes.

            Did the person who said ‘two sides to every story’ get attacked? Yes.

            Do the four / five allegations bear any resemblance to each other? No.

            Does the accuser I refer to above undermine her account with each comments (the most obvious being that “countless” witnesses have dissolved into “no witnesses”)? Yes.

            Does one of the accusations not disclose any form of sexual abuse? Yes.

            Were any of the accusations reported to the police? No.

            Is there a single shred of evidence supporting any single allegation? No.

            I think my points are quite clear. What exactly do you feel that I am insinuating?

  7. There is more to any situation. Correct. But don’t insinuate you don’t know if he’s said anything himself. I can guarantee that there are legal proceedings going on… whether it’s him clearing his name or admitted to others what happened. I know his family would have to find out their side. They probably knew parts of what happened and have to deal with the extent. My suggestion is to stop questioning what is happening… Again, unless you are a close friend of him do you know his side?

    • I haven’t insinuated anything, and I haven’t suggested that I know his side of the story. I am pleased to see, however, that you accept the possibility that he does have a side of the story – a possibility everybody to this point has been blind to, or unwilling to look at.

      My pleasure at this, sadly, is thwarted when I read that you have jumped to a further conclusion, that being that his family “probably knew parts of what happened”. What on earth is that based on? Is it too much to ask that you have proof before accusing his family of being aware that he was doing what he was alleged to have been doing?

      I am not aware that there are any legal proceedings against Davis, as there are against Edler. If there are, I will be interested to see the outcome.

      I appreciate your suggestion, but, as I have stated before, I believe that it is absolutely essential that things like this are questioned. I repeat that were it not for my questioning, this article would still read that “Davis himself was guilty of the same predatory accusations against Edler, when the woman in question was only 15 herself”. To not ask questions is at best stupid, at worst dangerous.

      • If you live with family and a public situation that effects your job like this occurs, of course people close to you will find out. Which is me saying he is obviously taking the time to talk things through. I am not saying they were involved at all! Again this will be interesting to see the fall out and that is that.

        • My goodness, I do apologise. When you said “they probably knew parts of what happened”, i jumped to the wild conclusion that you were accusing them of probably knowing parts of what (allegedly) happened.

  8. Ryan, you are coming at this from a very cold logical angle, which of course needs to be a part of the overall assessment, but even if you do not believe the stories to be true there’s no harm in expressing a little compassion and understanding to the victims in case you are wrong. Especially as we don’t know enough solid facts either way yet to know for sure.
    I have seen the same level of evidence as you, but for me, the victims stories ring true. However, I could easily be wrong so I know that it would not be right to jump in and take a side.
    In this same situation it seems very clear that you HAVE taken a side, and while I understand that from your perspective you are defending a man from trial by internet, the way you are going about it comes across as quite insensitive and (if he IS guilty) even harmful to the alleged victims.

    If a friend had opened up to you about being abused in a similar way would you immediately start challenging them like this, or would you hear them out and show them compassion? I don’t get the impression that you’re a bad dude, and believe that if you were talking to these women in person rather than entirely through text you would probably show more tact and understanding even if you currently are not convinced by their stories.
    People generally don’t come out with these claims for no reason, coming out in the open like this can often have a huge negative effect even on the victims life, unearths old traumas and generally is a horrible experience. There’s rarely anything for them to actually gain from it other than preventing what happened to them from happening to others.
    I’m not saying that this is always the case, there are some crazy and nasty people out there of course, but they’re in the minority. It’s not just the nasty trolls that stop real victims from speaking out, it’s the well meaning but insensitive people like you as well.

    Do you know James/Strangler Davis personally? This wouldn’t invalidate your opinion of course, but it would help to make it clear why you are so insistent on taking his side when right now it’s all looking like a bit of a grey area.

    • I have deliberately not answered any question concerning my identity, or whether I know Davis, because that is to ignore the real issue. I’ve been asked if I know him, whether I actually am him, also whether I am another victim! I’m not going to answer any of those questions because it takes the focus away from the points that I am making.

      Again, I appreciate your sensible response, but we will have to agree to disagree concerning my approach. For a start, my initial post was targeting the author of this article, who made defamatory and libellous claims about Davis. I attacked the use of Twitter as a courtroom and attacked the author for reporting on Twitter posts as if they were verifiable facts. After a while, the author had no choice but to edit his article, and that was due to what I had written, and the responses I received. I consider that in itself to be vindication for my approach.

      You will also note that it was Hann herself who decided to directly engage with me, not the other way around. Her very first post to me (a post which was aimed at the author) called my post “repulsive” and accused me of mocking and insulting victims of sexual abuse. I had done no such thing. It was her showing a complete lack of respect and lack of tact. My responses to her did nothing more than answer points that she has raised, or questions that she has asked, and highlight the developing inconsistencies in her account. There is nothing rude, disrespectful, etc. in that.

      It is not rude, disrespectful, tactless, or however else one would like to put it, to argue that there are not actually five accusations of sexual abuse. Likewise, to state that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever supporting a single one of the accusations. Likewise, to state that the only piece of evidence provided so far (the text message Davis sent in 2015) undermines the assertion that he is guilty. Likewise, to state that the account provided by Hann, in particular, is so wildly inconsistent that one must have doubts. These statements are not rude, disrespectful or tactless; they are facts.

      My view is that it is far ruder, more disrespectful, and more tactless to accuse Davis’ own family of wrongdoing (i.e. having knowledge of what was going on at the time) and to post a private message on the internet against the express wishes of the sender, simultaneously revealing the identity of the sender. That’s wrong.

      I do not agree that anything that I have done is damaging to victims, or that it would prevent victims from speaking out in the proper way. I have said on multiple occasions that I applaud and respect those victims who have made allegations through the proper channels. I would actively encourage any victim to report their allegations to the police. I will, however, continue to argue that reporting allegations on Twitter is completely unacceptable. If I have done anything to prevent somebody from making allegations via Twitter, then I consider that a success.

      I agree that it is unlikely that these sorts of allegations would be made on Twitter for no reason. My concern is that there are several reasons why these allegations would be made, and not all of them include a requirement that the allegation itself actually be true.

      You say that the only likely benefit to the accuser in speaking out is the knowledge that the accused can no longer do to others what the accused did to the accuser, but that is not true in this case. You may have seen that in the wake of the allegations there was a lot of talk about ensuring that trainers at wrestling schools are DBS checked. Davis would pass a DBS check today! There have been no formal allegations, let alone a conviction. These allegations have not been made to protect others from Davis, so why have they been made?

      I’ve made it clear that I don’t personally believe the allegations, just as you have made clear that you do believe them. I have given detailed reasons why I do not believe them, but that is not the real issue here. The real issue is that these sorts of allegations made over Twitter are dangerous. Anybody can accuse anybody else of anything over Twitter, and in the time it takes to type however many characters Twitter allows nowadays, the accused is convicted.

      The point is that one day you, or anybody else, could be in exactly the same position as Davis. Somebody will accuse you of something over Twitter, with absolutely no proof to back it up, and before you know it everybody will decide that you are guilty. You will wonder how everybody has jumped to that conclusion, particularly when there are so many holes in the accusation. You will wonder why friends have abandoned you, and how this unsubstantiated allegation has caused you to lose your job. You will be defamed online, and nobody will do anything about it. You will wonder how all of this has been allowed to happen, and the answer will be because everybody is instructed to blindly believe any allegation that anybody makes online. This situation is what I am attacking.


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