Michael Elgin Ends Social Media Blackout With “Final Statement”


It’s been some time since we last heard from Michael Elgin on Social Media following the controversy surrounding sexual assault allegations against one of his students and wrestlers, Sean Orleans, who was featured in Elgin’s Glory Pro promotion last year. The controversy came to a head on December 3rd when the victim in question, Moses Malone, came forward on Twitter with a scathing stream of evidence – in the form of private messages, DMs, texts and others – that showed not only that Elgin had long standing knowledge of the incident in question, but had also failed to take proper action, nor seemingly showed any genuine concern over the incident. When the news became very public that day, Elgin abruptly announced he was selling Glory Pro and leaving Social Media, which we first broke back on that day.

It didn’t take long for Elgin to return a few days later and issue his first “final statement” on the matter, but by then the damage was already done. Within a week, he’d been dropped by a handful of promotions, including Maine’s Limitless Wrestling, Chicago’s AAW, Cleveland’s AIW and Toronto’s Smash Wrestling. At the time, Elgin was fully embroiled in the World Tag League tournament with NJPW, where he was paired with Jeff Cobb – a man that Moses Malone shared evidence of Elgin trash talking in private messages. During the World Tag League, a very visibly agitated Raymond Rowe of War Machine declared “Fuck Michael Elgin”, which many took as being beyond the kayfabe of just in-ring rivals.

Photo: NJPW

This afternoon, Michael Elgin re-appeared on his Twitter account to issue¬†another “final statement”, following his return home from Japan and his appearance in the NEVER 6-Man Man Tag Team gauntlet match at Wrestle Kingdom 12, where he was paired with the said mentioned War Machine. This time, the allegations were far past just the cover-up or mishandling of sexual assault allegations on his student/employee, but also that he had taken part in sexual inappropriateness with the victim several times throughout the year as well.

Here’s Michael Elgin’s full statement:

Photo: twitter.com/MichaelElgin25
Photo: twitter.com/MichaelElgin25

Much like in his past attempts to distance himself from the incidents and apologize for his actions, the alleged victim called foul once again.


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