Roppongi 3k And The Young Bucks Will Set The Stage At Wrestling Kingdom 12

Photo: NJPW

Rocky Romero may be one of the most underrated wrestler in the past decade. His musical and creative additions to Roppongi 3k further add to the aura of Rocky Romero. His music video and extremely likable gimmick for Sho & Yoh made the team instantly over with a demanding New Japan audience which puts ring work above all else.

The added glitz and glamor to Sho & Yoh allows fans around the world to immediately warm up to the returning duo – who were the standouts of their dojo class along with Jay White. During their brief time back in New Japan they have already impressed crowds, proving that they have the potential to be gigantic draws in the junior heavyweight division for years to come.

Photo: NJPW

However, their opponents at Wrestle Kingdom 12 are how would you put it?

Oh right…


The Young Bucks

Photo: NJPW

Matt and Nick Jackson topped the first ever Last Word on Pro Wrestling Hot Tag 100 and are the largest box office draw of any tag team in the past decade, have reinvented what it’s meant to be a tag team in wrestling, and have shown that tag teams can bring fans into arenas around the world. Despite the critique the team receives from certain veterans within the wrestling business, they are consistently among the most talked about aspects of the business around the world.

Their work on the Being The Elite series has proven they are incredible marketers who not only perform in the ring, yet also understand the difficult business portion of wrestling and entrepreneurship in general.

The Young Bucks along with Kenny Omega and the rest of Bullet Club has led the popularity boom of New Japan Pro Wrestling (Shin Nihon Puroresu) within the United States. Their list of accolades is long, well earned, and probably underestimated among wrestling minds. However, wrestling fans around the world have shown with their wallets, clicks, and passionate chants that the Young Bucks have made their mark. The team has at least another decade to ply their trade in the growing wrestling industry.

However, at Wrestle Kingdom 12 they face the team who may become their biggest rivals.

The Wrestle Kingdom 12 Match

Photo: NJPW

This is the perfect match to lead off the show. These teams have all the skills necessary to set the tone for the show. Wrestle Kingdom has the ability to boost New Japan’s North American wrestling market share and will undoubtedly do great business for the company.

Starting with The Young Bucks will provide a hook for North American fans to engage to engage before the Kota Ibushi vs Cody match and the highly anticipated Omega vs Jericho altercation.

This match also provides the opportunity for Roppongi 3k to highlight their abilities on the second largest stage in wrestling. There are endless possibilities for what these two teams can put together, especially with Romero playing a role.

Whatever the teams decide to pull out it’s highly likely that it will be entertaining, innovative, and set up Roppongi 3k as the second pillar along with the Young Bucks in the junior heavyweight tag team division.


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