BREAKING: IPW:UK Invades Defiant Wrestling (VIDEO)


At the closing of tonight night’s Defiant 3 event, Defiant Wrestling (formerly WCPW) wrestlers Jimmy Havoc, Primate, Joe Coffey and BT Gunn called out Mark Haskins and Chris Ridgeway for their attacks on them back at #WeAreDefiant PPV on December 5th and then again last week at Defiant 2. Austin Aries, who won the Defiant World Championship from Marty Scurll at #WeAreDefiant, appeared with Haskins and Ridgeway. But just as it looked like “the renegades” were outnumbered, Aries removed his shirt to reveal an IPW:UK shirt underneath, followed by chaos as more members of IPW:UK’s roster jumped the barricade and attacked the Defiant Wrestling crew as well as other non-wrestling employees. It should be noted that Aries also won the IPW:UK on December 17th as well. The invasion from IPW:UK featured Aries, Haskins and Ridegway, followed by Aussie Open (“Dunkzilla” Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher), Robert Sharpe and Damien Dunne.

BREAKING: IPW:UK Invades Defiant Wrestling (VIDEO)

The entire segment starts around the 53-minute mark.



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