Trevor Lee And The Cult Of Lee Look At Their Future

Photo: Impact Wrestling

“‘New Year, new me,’ that’s what everyone says, but I don’t have to say that, because I’m already Trevor Lee.” Trevor Lee is a very confident man. And why wouldn’t he be? At only 24 years old, he is a three time (and current) X-Division Champion, and former tag team champion in Impact Wrestling. That was also with a man who hasn’t won a match in two years (Brian Myers, who is now going by Curt Hawkins again). Today he is joined by his follower, Caleb Konley, making an even more formidable combination.

Photo: Impact Wrestling

In 2017 Konley and Lee, or The Cult of Lee, had a breakout year. The pair will look to start 2018 right where 2017 left off. The first episode of Impact Wrestling in 2018 will feature an X-Division championship match between Lee and Taiji Ishimori. The challenger represents Pro Wrestling NOAH thanks to a deal made through Global Force Wrestling. Ishimori is a multiple time GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion. He was also named Best Wrestler of the Lucha Libre World Cup in AAA. But even a wrestler of his caliber has struggled to challenge The Cult of Lee.

Lee with Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) as Impact Tag Team Champions

This fact is not meant as a slight towards Ishimori. In his relatively brief time with Impact, Lee has also battled Tigre UnoDrew GallowayMandrews, and other talent from all over the world. “(There are) contenders scattered throughout this planet, not even just in the Impact Zone, that would just die to have the X-Division (Championship).” And that’s fine by Lee. He even mentioned wanting to see Kenny OmegaRicochet, Will Ospreay, and The Young Bucks being brought to the X-Division. Of course, they would be in Impact just to prove that they “are second-tier to Trevor Lee.”

Photo: Impact Wrestling

And what are Caleb Konley’s goals for the next year? “To make sure Trevor does exactly what he wants to do.” Like any good cult member, he puts the leader before his own needs and desires. Lee does see gold in Konley’s future. Whether it’s tag team gold or the X-Division title, both men are confident Caleb Konley can be a champion. If he takes the X-Division championship however, it will be because Trevor Lee is Impact World Champion.

Photo: Impact Wrestling

When this writer thinks about the Cult of Lee in 2018, I see more championships. Lee has proven himself a very successful tag team wrestler. He has won the PWG tag team championship, DDT4 in 2015, and the AAW world tag team titles with Andrew Everett. The two could reunite, as they’ve always seemed to have an on-again off-again relationship. Konley could certainly capture the tag belts with Lee, but the cult is always open to new members. Lee names EC3MooseBobby Lashley, and Eddie Edwards as great candidates for the Cult of Lee. And if you believe the cult leader himself, they would all like to be members. It’s only a matter of timing.

Photo: Impact Wrestling

It is worth noting that one of the two new Executive Vice Presidents, Scott D’Amore, has stated that he sees a bright future for the Carolina Caveman. He has said he views Lee as more than an X-Division star. He sees Lee as someone who can compete with the top heavyweights in Impact. At such a young age, if D’Amore and his partner, Don Callis, play their cards right, the Technical Savage can be a cornerstone of the promotion for years to come.

Trevor Lee is in Impact Wrestling to change lives. If you look at how much Caleb Konley’s career has improved since being discovered by Lee, it is hard to argue otherwise. Isn’t it about time for you to discover the Cult of Lee?


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