James Ellsworth Makes A List Like Cody (and Andy Kaufman)

Photo: WWE

Recently released WWE Superstar James Ellsworth will be returning to the indies in February of 2018, when his 90-day no-compete clause expires following his November release from the company. And in a fashion similar to when Cody Rhodes departed the WWE last year, Ellsworth posted a photo on his Twitter account of his “List” of wrestlers he wants to face when he starts to take bookings on the indie circuit.

As one can see, his entire list are names of some of the top indie women’s wrestlers in the world right now, which would lead one to assume that Ellsworth is looking to cash in on the massive asskicking he received from the Smackdown Live women’s division during his final weeks in the WWE and turn it into a Kaufman-esque journey of intergender wrestling, where presumably, the Man With Two Fists, “The Chin That Eats The Pin”, while hope to have a fighting chance against the likes of such indie wrestlers as Candice LeRae, Mercedes Martinez, Nicole Savoy, Mia Yim, Kelly Klein, Britt Baker, and others, including Impact Knockouts Rosemary, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna, recently released WWE Superstar Emma, and MMA fighter Cris Cyborg. Since Becky Lynch has already beaten him, she’s been crossed off the list, but it looks like he’d still like a shot at his former bestie from Smackdown Live, Carmella.

The Shot Heard Round The World (Photo: WWE)

Ellsworth stands be a top attraction at local independents, in the same vein as former WWE Superstars like Hornswoggle, but many forget that Ellsworth was a long time veteran indie wrestler as “Pretty” Jimmy Dream. While people may not clamour to see Ellsworth versus the likes of Shane Strickland, Will Ospreay or Kenny Omega, a heel Ellsworth getting his butt kicked by women’s wrestlers across the country could be something much more appealing, especially with the recent release of the Andy Kaufman/Jim Carrey documentary, Jim & Andy on Netflix. Kaufman made headlines across the country in the early 80s fighting women after declaring himself the Intergender Champion of the World, before coming to ahead against Jerry Lawler in Memphis.

On his final tour with the WWE across Europe in November, Ellsworth became a viral sensation when videos surfaced from the WWE and fans in attendance of all the Smackdown women trouncing Ellsworth repeatedly with famous wrestling finishing moves from past WWE Legends.

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