Preview: OTT Being The Elite (12/09/2017)

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The Bullet Club once again grace Ireland’s National Stadium yet again as OTT close out their year with a loaded show, OTT Being The Elite.  The show name is based off the popular Bullet Club web series of the same name.  The Elite are set to prove their drawing power as this show gets closer and closer to selling out the National Stadium.  This show is more than just the Bullet Club it also provides a big platform for some great matches and new opportunities for every member of the roster.  This is the last stop on this UK tour for the Bullet Club and they are going out with a bang.

Photo: OTT

Match 0 (Dark Match): “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Nathan Martin

Photo: OTT

Martin missed out on the opportunity to face British Strong Style.  Despite this he impressed enough that he was granted this dark match with Bailey. This match features two great fliers and will serve a purpose in warming up the crowd.

Prediction: Mike Bailey to Win

Match 1: “Lord Of The Manor” Paul Tracey vs Bobby George Jr. (Bobby George Jr’s Career On The Line)

Bobby George hasnt won a match in OTT since his debut back in July.  Despite being beloved by the fans OTT GM Gerry Humperdinck has laid down the ultimatum that if Tracey wins BGJ is gone from OTT.  Tracey has not been seen since WrestleRama but made his presence known by attacking BGJ’s ring announcer.  This only reminded fans of how much they hate Tracey and they are now all behind Bobby George Junior.  Bobby George is far too over to get rid of so hopefully he pulls out the win here.

Prediction: Bobby George Junior to win

Match 2: Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool) vs Session Moth Martina & Kay Lee Ray No DQ

Photo: OTT

OTT Womens Champion Martina teams with Mae Young Classic competitor Kay Lee Ray as they face B.Cool and the psychotic Angel Cruz.  This will be the classic OTT match that mixes comedy with good in ring work with KLR more than capable of carrying the match in ring and letting the other three free to show of how funny they can be and let Cruz mix in the hardcore style as he has done more and more lately.

Prediction: Angel Cruzers to win

Match 3:  Fenix vs Flip Gordon vs “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

Photo: OTT

A true exhibition match featuring two fantastic luchadores in Fenix of Lucha Underground fame and the rising star Flip Gordon.  Cody seems like an odd one out but will provide the charisma and star power to get peoples attention on this match.

Prediction: Cody to win

Match 4: OTT Tag Team Championships: Kings Of The North (Bonesaw, Damian Corvin & Dunkan Disorderly) (c) vs The Rapture (Sha Samuels, Charlie Sterling & Zach Gibson)

Photo: OTT

The Rapture have been attempting to clean up the Irish wrestling scene claiming to be taking out all the “talentless” Irish wrestlers.  The Kings werent happy with this team claiming to be the best and have decided to take the fight to the Brits.  The Rapture will b e greeted with huge heat and will eb the most hated men in the building against the KOTN who will receive a heroes reaction from the 2000 fans packed into the National Stadium

Prediction: Kings Of The North to win and retain

Match 5: British Strong Style (Trent Seven, Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne) vs Legit 100 (Scotty Davis, Curtis Murray & Michael May)

Photo: OTT

The WWE UK Champion comes home to OTT with his BSS stable.  They take on 3 of the best young talents in Ireland who will revel in the chance to prove themselves against BSS.  The Legit 100 face a tough task against one of OTT’s most dominant champions ever in Dunne and one of the best tag teams in the world in Moustache Mountain.  The crowd will be firmly behind BSS here in what could turn out to be one of the last times we see them in an OTT ring.  Much like any BSS match this year this will be chaotic and hard fought as all six men will no doubt put their bodies on the line.  I for one cannot wait.

Prediction: British Strong Style to win

Match 6: The Elite (Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson & Marty Scurll) vs Dalton Castle & The Boys

Photo: OTT

Ring Of Honor main event happening in Dublin.  The hugely over Dalton Castle makes his debut in OTT alongside his boys.  The Bucks are returning to OTT after debuting at ScrapperMania 3.  They team with the hugely popular “Villain” Marty Scurll  in what will be a hotly contested exhibition match.  Castle has the character and wrestling abilities to get over with the Irish crowd quickly. At the end of the day The Elite will walk away victorious.

Prediction: The Elite to win

Main Event: NLW No Limits Championship: Mark Haskins (c) vs “The Import Killer” Jordan Devlin

Photo: OTT

The Import Killer finally gets his big chance.  Having debuted in 2014 this is Devlin’s first title match.  His three year story has seen many ups and downs such as the Social Elite phase, but ever since returning from the WWE UK tournament he has won over the fans again.  He is now the most over man in the company and every single person in the National Stadium will be rooting for him to finally achieve his dream.  The champion Haskins wont let that happen easily.  Winning the NLW was one of his proudest moments and he is adamant that nobody will take it from him.  Both men are willing to kill themselves for this title.  Come December 9th one man will prove he is the best and walk out NLW Champion.

Prediction: Jordan Devlin to win the NLW Championship

We have an elite level show here as we close out an amazing 2017 for Irish Wrestling with the biggest names in the business and one of the most heated matches in OTT history.  This show is just Too Sweet


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