Drew Gulak Continues to Mine Past Indie Gimmicks for WWE

Photo: WWE

Drew Gulak continues to bring his indie past into the WWE Universe as he’s recently released a brand new shirt with his “Power Point” catchphrase (and new tag team name for his duo with Tony Nese). Fans of Gulak’s work in EVOLVE will recognize the logo as being similar to the logo for his EVOLVE stable, Catch Point.

Photo: Pro Wrestling Tees

Drew Gulak Continues to Mine Past Indie Gimmicks for WWE

Tracey Williams (2nd from Left) wearing the Catch Point logo shirt in EVOLVE (Photo: WWN)

This isn’t the first time Gulak has referenced his indie career in his WWE persona either. The shirt he routinely wears at present, stating he’s there “for a better 205 Live”, is a direct extension of his character from his time in CZW, who did a similar protest against the violence in CZW and looked to make a “better Combat Zone”.

Gulak’s shirt from CZW
Photo: WWE

It will interesting to see if Gulak’s current Power Point team expands to a faction with the same name, to carry on the traditional wrestling theme that Catch Point had in EVOLVE, or if he’s just having some fun with his long time fans.



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