BREAKING: Matt Hardy Prepares For Battle (Vanguard-1 Awakens) (VIDEO)

Matt Hardy
Photo: Matt Hardy/YouTube

Moments ago, WWE Superstar Matt Hardy posted a video teaser that showed him talking to Senor Benjamin, whom he instructs to “procure” his “coat of battle”, in reference to the coat he wore during his Broken era of Impact Wrestling.

BREAKING: Matt Hardy Prepares For Battle (Vanguard-1 Awakens) (VIDEO)

Also, one of Hardy’s most trusted allies from his previous Broken Brilliance, VANGUARD-1 reactivated itself on Twitter for the first time since the Hardys returned to the WWE.


Stay tuned right here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling as we bring you the latest on this story. Will Matt Hardy re-ignite his Broken gimmick, now on WWE television? What does it mean for his brother Jeff Hardy, when he returns from injury? Will we see the entire Hardy clan in the WWE? As always, we will have more for you as soon as we know.


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