Match Point: Jimmy Havoc vs Jimmy Jacobs (12/9/2017)

Photo: CZW

On December ninth it really is a collision course between two of the most hardcore mainstream pro wrestlers of the modern era in North America. Welcome to a new article, Match Point, where we feature upcoming special encounters in a one-match Preview. This edition features Jimmy Havoc vs Jimmy Jacobs, happening December 9th at CZW Cage of Death 19.

It will be a match fans will never forget, and with the match being in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), you can expect a war with weapons like barbed wire and thumbtacks. Now that Jimmy Jacobs has been released from his WWE contract, the dream matches can happen and it didn’t take more than a month for this match to be booked. Jacobs has always been a “can’t miss” performer because he always goes the extra mile in taking risks. Jimmy Havoc has solidified his reputation the past few years as wrestler with no-limits by going through glass and wrestling the likes of hardcore icons as Sabu. In this new feature we are going to take a look at the lead-up to one of the biggest matches possible to close 2018. This match has also been announced for IPW:UK on March 18, 2018, but let’s take a look at this first meeting shall we.


“The Zombie Princess” took one selfie with Bullet Club outside of Raw and WWE granted him his release papers on October 11, shocking the wrestling world. When you look at the past ten years, Jacobs has been a fixture in independent pro wrestling whether it be as a crazed singles wrestler or a part of a faction. Jacobs was a part of The Age Of The Fall with WWE’s Seth Rollins. Ring Of Honor also had Jacobs play a big role in the S.C.U.M. group with WWE’s Kevin Owens. Some of the bloodiest and wildest matches happened with Jacobs as he became a tag team champion several times. WWE came calling and Jacobs decided to leave the violence behind for a cushy WWE writers position. Now that Jacobs is back, he has mentioned he had several Tweets about wrestling some guys he had never even heard about in his two year absence from independent wrestling. Jacobs vs Havoc is a match never seen before and one Jacobs would love to have solidify his reputation and return all in one match.


When you think about PROGRESS Wrestling or wrestling in the United Kingdom in general you have to think about “The King Of The Goths.” The longest reigning IPW: UK champion ever at two years and counting, usually wins the big matches and this would be a huge victory in his career. Havoc was one of the most hateful heels in the world a couple of years ago when he had unforgettable landmark feuds in PROGRESS with Will Ospreay and Mark Andrews. An torn ACL and MCL put Havoc on the shelf but when he returned last year the fans welcomed him with open arms but he has since turned to the dark side, aligning with Mark Haskins. The winner of this years CZW Tournament Of Death has been in some of the most extreme matches all year and this match may just take it to another level.

The loser of Jimmy Havoc vs Jimmy Jacobs doesn’t necessarily lose respect in anyone’s eyes because this is a match we never thought we would see. The winner certainly is looked at as the most violent pro wrestler in the United States and the United Kingdom even when you consider other modern-day hardcore warriors such as MASADA. Jimmy Havoc could win with a sudden Acid Rainmaker but Jimmy Jacobs may be even more inventive with the violence. After all the staple guns and innovation it looks like Jimmy Jacobs needs this victory at this time in his career. When Jimmy Jacobs came back to independent wrestling at WrestleCircus, it was obvious he had unfinished business in his in-ring career and it’s time to make the most of it.

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