Survivor Series Preview: New Day vs The Shield

Photo: WWE

Two legendary factions, New Day vs The Shield, collide in this contest for pride and brand supremacy on Sunday at WWE Survivor Series. The New Day proved to be a worthy successor to The Shield as the WWE’s most prominent faction – the group are multiple time world tag tam champions across both Raw and SmackDown Live and not only are they our world famous 4 time champs they hold the record for the longest reign as tag team champions in WWE history with their epic 448 day reign, but they have never faced anyone like The Shield.

Photo: WWE

The Shield are often mentioned in the conversation as the greatest faction of all time, often mentioned in the same breath as The Four Horsemen, Evolution and The NWO. The group of three rogue debutantes left a mark on WWE during an unprecedented run of destruction from Survivor Series 2012 until their break up in 2014.  Since then, all three men have gone on to hold World Championships as well as a wealth of mid-card titles – their individual success speaks volumes about how dominant they were when together.  After Seth Rollins stabbed his brothers in the back to join theAauthority, fans were unsure if the group would ever return with Dean Ambrose especially, going to war with Rollins for a long time after the betrayal.  But this year the three forces have found themselves against some common enemies, while Rollins no longer has The Authority in his ear and is a changed man.  This lead to a moment that shook Monday Night RAW to its core when these three reunited and shared their legendary fist bump on October 9th’s edition of RAW.  Due to illness Roman Reigns was absent as his brothers fended off Braun Strowman, Kane, The Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus with the help of Kurt Angle but now Reigns is back and the trio have picked up where they left off with new prey in the sights of the Hounds Of Justice.

Photo: WWE

The first shots of this feud were fired on October 23rd when SmackDown Live, led by The New Day, put Raw under siege during when they laid out Rollins and Ambrose as part of their assault on the Raw roster.  As if that wasn’t enough, during Raw in Manchester, when Rollins and Ambrose were defending their tag titles against The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus), The New Day mimicked The Shield entrance through the crowd and proceeded to insult Raw for their lack of retaliation to being placed under siege this distraction allowed The Bar to steal noth the win and the titles.

Photo: WWE

Having been wronged twice The Shield felt it was time to bring their brand of justice to the New Day as they led the invasion of SDL by interfering in The New Day’s match against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.  The Shield were front and centre as the RAW roster delivered a merciless beat down to SDL in retribution for SDL twice deciding to invade RAW and ended the show by delivering their Triple Powerbomb to SDL Commissioner Shane McMahon.  Both sides have seen their friends, GM’s and pride hurt in this war for brand supremacy and both will look to prove that they are the better trio in this dream match between two of the WWE’s best factions of all time.

Predictions: The New Day have chemistry on their side as this will be only the second time their opponents have teamed since 2014 and have a chance of stealing something especially if Reigns isn’t full strength.  That said, never underestimate the Hounds Of Justice who should walk away with the win here.


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