Preview: RevPro/NJPW Global Wars UK Night 2 (11/10/2017)

Photo: RevPro



Night 2  Walthamstow, London

November 10th 2017

This coming Tuesday November 10th, Revolution Pro UK (RevPro) teams up with NJPWfor Global Wars UK, the British companion event to the ROH-NJPW Global Wars series. Night 2 features a great card, that sees Minoru Suzuki facing Matt Riddle, as well as the RevPro British Heavyweight Title being put on the line.

Toru Yano vs. Zack Gibson

Photo: RevPro

This will probably, like Yano´s Night 1 match, be the opening comedy match or the cool downer before the Main Event. Yano is not the greatest wrestler ( or at least hasn´t shown it yet) but he has his trademark moves like the exposure of the Turnbuckle and varoius pin combinations or low-blow variations. Zack Gibson is most likely having none of it and is likely not putting up with the fun style of Yano. Possibly the clearest showcase of „Heel vs Face“ on this show.

Prediction: Toru Yano

Rocky Romero vs Josh Bodom

Photo: RevPro

Bubblegum is currently out with injury, so Josh Bodom is replacing him. Romero is mostly known as a Tag Team wrestler but will go for the singles competition in this one. Romero is a former 8-time IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion and 3-time ROH Tag Team champion. His opponent is defending his British Cruiserweight Champion on Night 1, so he might be coming into Night 2 of Global Wars as the former champion with revenge in his mind…

Prediction: Josh Bodom

El Desperado vs Ryan Smile

Photo: RevPro

Both men are solid wrestlers. Smile incorporates high flying moves and technical expertise into his matches, as said in the preview for Night 1 he is the former OTT No Limts champion and had an outstanding match against “THE ELITE” at Scrappermania III alongside Will Ospreay and Lio Rush. Desperado is going one on one with Matt Riddle at Night 1, which will be quite mat based, this might be the opposite to the Riddle match and both wrestlers will try to steal the show.

Prediction: Ryan Smile

Dave Mastiff vs.Tomohiro Ishii

Photo: RevPro

This is similar to see Night 1 match where Ishii faces Keith Lee. Pure mass colliding for this match. Mastiff is a former IPW British Heavyweight champion. Ishii is putting on great matches at over 40. Ishii has quite possibly the best timing in the buisness, the way he constructs the matches and his spots of comebacks and no-selling moments is out of this world. This makes him one of the best performers in wrestling.

Prediction: Tomohiro Ishii

Matt Riddle vs. Minoru Suzuki

Photo: RevPro

This is a Dream Match. Both men have a MMA background and are legitimate fighters. Riddle has competed in the UFC and Suzuki has fought in 49 (!) MMA bouts in his career. The most recent one in 2013 against Hans Nijman. He also defeated Ken Shamrock in 1994. From a pure MMA point of view Riddle would clearly have the upper hand because of his age. This Match will happen just mere days after the return of George St. Pierre when he defeated Michael Bisping in his return match. As of today it is quite interesting to these two events so close to each other with both of them having MMA dreams on their respective cards. This match will be a showcase of strong style wrestling.

Prediciton: Minoru Suzuki

CCK ( Chris Brookes, Travis Banks, Kid Lykos) vs CHAOS ( Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI, Gedo)

Photo: RevPro

6 man Tag action in this one. Kid Lykos will make his return from injury in this match. CHAOS is nearly complete for this show as only Okada is missing of all the constant members ( in Australia for the weekend). It will be interesting to see if Gedo can keep up with CCK although he´ll probaly make it up with swearing a lot.

Prediction: CCK

RevPro British Heavyweight Title Match: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Will Ospreay

Photo: RevPro

This will be the Main Event of Night 2. Ospreay is trying to capture the British Heavyweight title here. The former IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion will use his unique aerial moveset to reply to ZSJ´s technical style. These two will meet the the night before in a Tag team match when Suzuki-Gun ( Sabre & Suzuki) will face CHAOS (Goto & Ospreay). They probably will go over 25 min. to create the „big time“ feeling and the necessary story during the match. Sabre just lost the PWG World title to Chuck Taylor so this is his last major title at the moment besides the EVOLVE title.

Prediction: Zack Sabre Jr.

Yuji Nagata & Keith Lee vs Bushi & Tetsuya Naito

Photo: RevPro

REV PRO is putting together matches that you get to see nowhere else. The highflying big man Keith Lee teaming with the veteran Nagata against Los Ingobernables de Japon, Bushi and Naito. Naito is having a singles match against Marty Scurll at Night 1 and in return Minoru Suzuki is having a singles match at Night 2 and vice versa for Tag matches, so REV PRO is really good here at putting together an equal matchcard for both nights. Keith Lee is going to throw Bushi around like nothing while Naito will go into “Tranquilo” mode for this match. Highly anticipated!

Prediction: Nagata & Keith Lee


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