Triple H Joins The Shield at Glasgow Live Event


With the viral infection still affecting the Raw locker room, Triple H joined the squad on their European tour, which just went underway today in Glasgow, Scotland. Triple H made a rare ring appearance last weekend in Chile, replacing Kevin Owens who went home for family issues. This time, he’s joining the crew to replace Roman Reigns as one of the marquee names. Regardless of his age or whether he should be giving that spot to someone younger, from a business standpoint, there are few on the roster with the drawing power of someone like Triple H.

But it appears that Triple H took his “replacement for Roman Reigns” a little too literal, when he came out to tag with Shield members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a Shield 6-man tag match. Not only did he join them, but like Kurt Angle at WWE TLC, he came out wearing standard Shield attire of flak jacket, black pants and boots. He even joined the other two in the traditional three man fist bump.

The SHHHield faced off against The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) and a returning Bray Wyatt. While many fans have lamented the move for breaking kayfabe, seeing as the last time Triple H was on television he was being bested by Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33, the live audience definitely seemed to eat it up. Apart from the rare title changes or injuries, Live Events are rarely considered part of television canon and often feature funs one-off angles or moments that could easily be considered kayfabe damaging. Much like when Triple H danced with New Day last week in South America, it’s good to see Triple H can still have some fun like the old days when he does step back in to the ring.

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