Neville Edited Out of 205 Live Intro

Photo: WWE

It’s been weeks now since Neville apparently walked out on the WWE, but neither side has said anything publicly to confirm or deny the reports. But if this past week’s 205 Live episode is any indication, Neville seems to be on his way out, as he was edited out of the 205 Live opening video montage and replaced by various other 205 Live performers.

While there’s always a chance that Neville and the WWE have worked things out and he could be moving to the main roster of Raw and out of the Cruiserweight Division, it’s probably more likely that the two sides are just finalizing his release and Neville could be on his way back to the indies where he could resume his career under his pre-WWE moniker as PAC.

Photo: WWE

Neville, real name Benjamin Satterley, spent eight years on the indie circuit as PAC (as well as Jungle PAC) prior to signing with the WWE in 2012, appearing for such promotions as Dragon Gate, CHIKARA, wXw, PWG and CZW, as well as many UK indie promotions in his native England, such as IPW:UK, SWE and NGW. Prior to joining the WWE, he competed in his first NJPW Best of the Super Juniors tournament in early 2012 and placed in the Final Four.

Photo: WWE

If he has in fact left the WWE, he ends a five year relationship with the WWE, with stints in NXT and on the main roster, with a resume featuring an NXT Championship, 2x NXT Tag Team Champion, and 2x WWE Cruiserweight Champion. With the boom in UK wrestling since his departure from the independent circuit, Neville could be in high demand for such promotions such as PROGRESS, ICW, OTT, RevPro and WCPW/Defiant Wrestling, where his draw would be a huge asset, not to mention dream matches against the likes of Will Ospreay, Travis Banks, British Strong Style and others.



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