Adam Blampied Is A “Sexual Predator”: First Victim Speaks Out


When the Harvey Weinstein allegations and accusations came out a few weeks ago and sent shockwaves throughout the Hollywood community and around the world, many in various fields of entertainment and business felt this was simply the first domino in a long line of serial sexual abusers in power positions. And while rumours have long dogged many a pro wrestling promoter, all the way back to it’s beginnings in the early days of the sport, today’s revelation was a surprise to many (but not apparently to some). At roughly 4pm EST today, Adam Blampied, formerly of WhatCulture and one of the creative minds behind WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) in the UK, confessed a series of sexual harassment incidents of his own doing and professed an apology.


The timing was strange, as Blampied and the other former WhatCulture creatives who departed last month –Adam Pacitti, “King Ross” Tweddell, video editor Sam Driver, and Jack “The Jobber” King – were days away from launching Cultaholic, their own brand of pop culture video akin to their work with WhatCulture, on November 1st. Moments after Blampied’s confession, Cultaholic posted the following statement:

It didn’t take long for one of the victims of Blampied’s sexual misconduct to come forward, with a highly detailed and scathing revelation of what Blampied allegedly put her through. “Ice Foreleg” (her Twitter handle) posted the following just 10 minutes after Adam Blampeid’s confession and apology.

Here’s her full statement:




When pressed for evidence, Ice Foreleg presented screenshots of alleged DM conversations between herself and Blampied.

Professional wrestling, like any entertainment industry, is full of people in positions of power who sometimes let this newfound glory and fame get to their heads, clouding their judgment and morals in exchange for flights of fancy and deceit. While it’s mildly admirable to confess and accept blame, the timing of the confession, mere minutes before this chilling accusation from one of his victims, would almost indicate he had foreboding that the confession was going to be made public and was trying to save as much face as possible. The fact remains that, by his own admission, Adam Blampied took advantage of his position of influence as a YouTube and indie wrestling personality and in doing so, damaged several women who had earned his trust.

We here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling applaud Ice Foreleg’s bravery in coming forth with this statement and hope that this will encourage other women who have been victimized in the past, at work, at play, or simply in conversation on-line, to speak up. There will always be “old boys mentality” within many circles, but it’s time for the era where sexually manipulating women and girls was seen as being as taboo as any other crime and not something that is simply something “boys do”. This is not how any man should be acting to any other human on this planet period.

With speculation that WCPW’s December re-branding to Defiant Wrestling was in part due to the wrestling company moving to Cultaholic’s YouTube channel, an incident such as this is bound to have huge ramifications with not only their debuting channel, but their wrestling endeavors as well.


  1. Everybody is coming down on Adam and declaring him practically scum. What he did was wrong, that is no lie. There’s no way you can justify what he did to be right in any way shape or form. But those women that actually sent him nude pictures, are just as wrong in their actions as he is in his. If they’re supposed to be the victims, then why did they send the pictures. For those that did send pictures that is, they are just as much in the wrong as he is. So why isn’t anybody condemning them? They’re not innocent, and they are not off the hook. Their actions were despicable and grotesque as his. So if you’re going to condemn him, you should condemn them. And if you’re not going to condemn them, then don’t condemn him. It only makes you look stupid and hypocritical yourself, just like these women and Adam. And yes, I will come to people’s defenses if I feel they need to be defended.

    These women shouldn’t be holding their heads of high thinking that they’re innocent, because they are not. God sees them as wrong as much as he sees Adam is wrong. So they should get off their self-made Thrones and realize that they are just as bad as he is. And if you don’t like what I say, I don’t give a crap. What I said is the truth and nothing but the truth in the eyes of God. Don’t like that, I still don’t care.

  2. Honestly, I feel that these women are playing into a victim mentality that serves to disservice victims of sexual harrassment and assault. The objection that I would have in this case is that Adam had a girlfriend at the time, no one deserves to be cheated on.

    However, these women were attracted to him and wanted his attention or something in return otherwise they wouldn’t have sent him anything. To characterize him as a predator is, in my opinion, ridiculous.

    These women knew what they were doing when they did it, just because their inhibitions were lowered, doesn’t free them from responsibility for their actions. They were cognscient of their actions; this is regret over actions they shouldn’t have taken but that doesn’t mean their actions weren’t consensual. It is not just men that must be taught about consent; it’s everyone. False allegations or mischaracterizations can and do ruin people’s lives. It also makes people less willing to believe victims and leafs to a culture of slut shaming.


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