Did An NXT Superstar Drop Clues About Sister Abigail?

Photo: WWE

It’s been the buzz of the Tuesday water cooler since last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, when Bray Wyatt began to allude that Sister Abigail‘s presence was returning around him, but everything she’d prophesied in his battle with Finn Balor wasn’t coming true. In the first of a couple promos throughout the night, Bray showed a maniacal declaration that was half doubt, have insanity, saying “She’d never lie to me…”

Minutes after Bray delivered the short promo in a vignette, NXT Superstar Sage Beckett – last seen in a first round loss in the Mae Young Classic last month – tweeted out the following, with an accompanying hash tag of simply #RAW. Was this a response to Bray’s query?

Bray would interrupt Finn Balor later in the evening and proclaim that Sister Abigail was very much alive and she was dying to meet him.

While many fans have declared the lack of continuity in storylines for Sister Abigail to appear now – considering Randy Orton burned her burial spot months ago in his finale of his feud with Wyatt – there’s far more mysticism as play in Wyatt’s realm. After all, he appears out of nowhere, he summoned mystic maggots during a match with Orton and once stole the powers of The Undertaker and Kane. Clearly Wyatt’s character is of the same supernatural aura as the Brothers of Destruction – so why couldn’t Abigail be similar? Her corpse may be ashes but her spirit could still roam the air and guide Bray Wyatt and perhaps Sister Abigail has found a vessel in the NXT Superstar – after all, Sage Beckett – formerly known as Andrea in SHINE and other women’s indies and Rosie Lottalove in a brief TNA run – is a formidable opponent with a lot of power. She could be just the type of body a ghost may want to inhabit to get some damage done. Sister Abigail could become to Bray Wyatt what Chyna was to Triple H.

Photo: twitter.com/SageBeckettWWE

On Wrestling Observer Radio yesterday, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez had all kinds of speculation on who the character could be portrayed by, from Paige to Nikki Cross.

And whether your Dave Meltzer or a fan reading this at home, speculation is fun but over at Pro Wrestling Sheet, Ryan Satin appears to have dug up a possible SPOILER on the whole affair..

So what do you think will happen? Will Sister Abigail make her presence known? Or is just mind games? Let us know in the comments below.



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