Page Turner: “All Ego” Ethan Page Leaves EVOLVE

Photo: Wrestling Revolver

Earlier today, “All Ego” Ethan Page, arguably EVOLVE‘s top heel for the past few years, announced his departure from the company, ending a run that began in 2013. His departure comes just days after winning (and losing) his first EVOLVE gold, winning the EVOLVE Tag Team titles with ACH at EVOLVE 92 last Friday, only to lose them to Chris Dickinson and Jaka of Doom Patrol the next night at EVOLVE 93. Page made his announcement via his Twitter account this afternoon.

The timing is definitely going to start rumours that Ethan Page may have been the “email leak” that EVOLVE head booker Gabe Sapolsky was referring to when he mentioned the yesterday that he’d discovered the leak’s identity. Not to mention that the three dates Page announced as being suddenly open where the next set of EVOLVE dates. But Gabe was quick to thank Page today shortly after Ethan announced his departure.

Ethan Page became one of North America’s top indie heels in the past year, including a savage feud with Darby Allin in 2017 in EVOLVE. Combining old school wrestling, solid ring work and a knack for getting under the skin of wrestlers and fans alike, Ethan Page became a favourite around the country and in Europe.

Photo: WWN

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Ethan Page got his start over ten years ago in local indies before entering CHIKARA‘s Young Lions Cup tournament in 2008. A year later, he worked dark matches for Ring of Honor. He’s found great success in Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) since debuting in 2012, where he’s a 3x AIW Absolute Champion, as well as Chicago’s All American Wrestling (AAW), where he’s also a former AAW Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion. In 2013, he had a year long run in Ring of Honor as part of the Monster Mafia tag team with fellow Canadian indie wrestler Josh Alexander, with whom he briefly held the PWG World Tag Team titles in 2015.

Monster Mafia in ROH, 2014 (Photo: Brad McFarlin)

In 2010, he founded Alpha-1 (A1) Wrestling in his hometown, which today ranks as one of the top Canadian indie promotions. He currently holds the A1 Tag Team titles with Cody Rhodes. In the past year, his career has exploded even further, with appearances for CZW, WrestleCircus, Glory Pro, Wrestling Revolver and other top indies in Canada and the US, as well as heading to the UK, where he’s had two runs with Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE).

Photo: SWE

With such a bright future, it’s easy to see why he’d want to venture out and test new waters without being tied to EVOLVE’s exclusivity. While many will immediately scream he’s WWE or NXT bound, it’s more likely that avenues such as PWG (on a more full time basis), Ring of Honor, or steadier appearances in the UK and other major North American indies are in the cards. There’s still lots of ground to conquer for Page in the wrestling circuit yet.


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