BREAKING: Toni Storm New Stardom Champ, Iwatani Injured

Photo: Stardom

At tonight’s Stardom 5-Star Grand Prix event in Japan, Toni Storm added another feather in her cap of 2017 by capturing the World of Stardom Championship, Stardom’s top title, from Mayu Iwatani. But in tragic news, it came at the expense of the former champion injuring herself early in the match.

BREAKING: Toni Storm New Stardom Champ, Iwatani Injured

Stardom broke the news themselves following the two minute title match, when the referee called for a stoppage of the match when Iwatani apparently injured herself on a botched dropkick. Due to the match being called, Toni Storm was awarded the title. Mayu Iwatani, at age 24, is one of the future stars of Japanese wrestling, often considered part of the Stardom Three – Iwatani, Io Shirai and NXT’s Kairi Sane (formerly Kairi Hojo in Stardom) – whom many consider the top three female wrestlers in the world.

Iwatani is currently being evaluated at a Tokyo hospital, but Stardom reported she was indeed stretchered out and taken by ambulance. Toni Storm definitely didn’t want to win the title this way and the two are expected to have a rematch once Iwatani is healthy.

Stardom’s main Japanese Twitter states the injury is the dislocation of both arms.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Mayu Iwatani.


This morning Stardom updated Iwatani’s situation and it turns out it was just one arm that was dislocated.


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