Caribbean Report: Mecha Wolf 450, Lucha Conquest and More


Emmanuel Rosado once again reports in from Puerto Rico with all the latest news out of the Caribbean professional wrestling scene!

Mr. 450 ¡No más!


In what has been a rebranding of arguably Puerto Rico’s biggest draw right now, Mr. 450 decided to change his wrestling name to Mecha Wolf 450.

450 is killing it right now in Puerto Rico and in the indie scene, with him getting more exposure week after week. Some will remember him as the guy that had that match at WWE 205 Live against Mustafa Ali and destroyed his knee or some might remember articles of his alleged domestic dispute with then girlfriend in WrestleMania weekend.

Now, John Yurnet wants to repeal that negativity that his name (Mr. 450) has gather and wants a fresh start as The Mecha Wolf. Hi told Contralona that, “The new name came up in the United States with people liking it”.

The Mecha Wolf 450 will embark in a heavy schedule for august, with him having presentations in Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States. It seems that the next step for the “Last of His Kind” is to get some bookings to the noteworthy United Kingdom wrestling scene.

Lucha Conquest Goes All In

Photo: Lucha Conquest

In what it’s been deemed a new door for Puerto Rican talent to go to the United States and one of Florida’s biggest event in 2017, the newly founded New Generation Championship Wrestling in coordination with former WWE Spanish Announcer Hugo Savinovich will have their event Lucha Conquest on 7/29.

The event will be in Kissimmee, Florida, where it holds the largest population of Puerto Ricans in that state. The show will be held at the Fire Frogs Stadium in Kissimmee and it will have some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry.

The event has in lineup: Brian Cage vs. Penta 0M for the Lucha Submission Title, Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Fenix El Rey vs. Mil Muertes to become the #1 contender for the Lucha Submission Title, Son of Samoa & GFW’s Impact Grand Champion EC3 vs. Chicano & Apolo, Boricua Guerrero & Blue Demon Jr. vs. Noriega & Savio Vega, Thunder & Lightning vs. Mr. Aguila & Minotauro and LU’s Ivelisse vs. Santana Garrett.

What is really great about the show is that it will be shown live in iPPV, which is something that the Caribbean hasn’t tried, but it’s very effective when you want to show your product to the world. Here’s the link to watch the show (it’s $3.00).

Summer Mayhem in CWA

Photo: CWA

In what it should be one of the best shows this summer, Caribbean Wrestling Association is closing this summer on 7/29 with Summer Mayhem.

The event has had a lot of changes this month. With CWA having former WWC Universal Champion Gilbert in their lines, it was speculated that the “Big Sign” was going to challenge Star Roger for the CWA Championship. But it appears that things changed and now Kenolly, who is the winner of Batalla por el Oro (CWA’s version of the Money in the Bank) has challenged Roger instead. The match is going to be good (Roger is one hell of a worker), but it doesn’t come close to the mega battle that Gilbert and Star Roger were supposed to have.

On the other line ups, CWA has Justin Dynamite defending his Puerto Rican Championship against the monster Black Bullet. Also, CWS’s might have a working agreement with them because their tag team Los Futbolistas (The Football Players) will challenging Los Apostadores for their CWA Tag Team Championship. Finally, CWA is having some types of vignettes for the debut of Leinord White.

Apolo Out of WWC

Photo: GFW

Arguably one of the greatest wrestlers in Puerto Rican history, Gran Apolo has announced that he is no longer working with WWC.

Apolo aka El Leon (The Lion) posted on his Facebook account that he “wishes WWC’s administration and talents the best” while tagging another Puerto Rican legend Chicano. The former WWC Universal Champion and IWA World Champion is going to be working this weekend in Florida for Lucha Conquest. The Lion has had one of the weirdest schedule this year with him going to Qatar, South Africa, Peru, Chile and many other odd territories.

Many speculated what were the reasons for his exit from World Wrestling Council, but arguably the main reason was the cost of bringing him to the island and his heavy schedule. Apolo lives in the United States and it doesn’t come cheap, in times that WWC is averaging less than 150 people per show, Apolo came more as a luxury than an asset.

Other Notes from the Caribbean

Photo: WWC

– WWC and WWL will have head to head shows on 8/5. World Wrestling Council will have their long-awaited Summer Madness event were Carlito will face off against Ray Gonzalez for the WWC Universal Championship. World Wrestling League on the other hand will have their High Voltage Live show in Juncos, with Mecha Wolf 450 facing off against BIG and Nazareno for the WWL Championship.

– To gather attention for their 7/29 and 7/30 show, Championship Wrestling School played an angle where the heel faction in the company No to Mummies! entered the gym of wrestling legend Vickingo and stole his property. The faction headed by the youngest WWC Universal Champion BJ and other stand outs like Danny Cruxiel and Max Daniels have been disrespecting wrestling legends in the island for a while and will have matches against them this weekend.

– Something that is getting a lot of attention and more votes for regulation in the island, is the array of “good cause” shows that are being held in Puerto Rico. Promoters put their indie promotions as “non-profit”, but sell foods and drinks in the same building. Last weekend a show was held to help a guy that helps promote promotions in the south area of the island. He (the guy who the event was about) was told by the promoter/wrestler (that were supposed to help him) that he couldn’t sell food in the events because of some permits, but later that Friday in the event, someone was selling food in the “good cause” “non-profit” event. The guy who was supposed to sell and gain some money for its treatment couldn’t do anything, but outside people sold and made a profit at the event. This is something that the commission is looking to regulate and puts in perspective how bad the indie wrestling scene in Puerto Rico has gotten, with the famous Kayfanes (Puerto Rican’s version of Trash Bag Wrestlers or Low Life wrestlers) having their way in the island’s indie scene.



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