WWE Battleground Preview: Sami Zayn Vs Mike Kanellis


Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis W/Maria Kanellis

The Story: The Kanellis’ have brought the power of love to WWE and have been showing off just how much they love each other at every chance they can get.  Hilariously Zayn has accidentally pulled the plug on their loving moments which has riled up the lovers.  After demanding an apology from Zayn, Maria slapped him in the face and Mike broke a vase over his head proclaiming that love hurts.

Mike made his in ring debut last week on SmackdownLive against Sami Zayn in a match where Zayn was on the verge of hitting his signature Helluva Kick until Maria came in the ring and prevented him from hitting it allowing Mike to hit Zayn with a closed fist punch which laid him out giving Mike the win.

Zayn will be out for revenge here on the big stage and the Kanellis’ will take every opportunity they can to showcase the power of love.

The Match: This match will be similar to the SDL match where Zayn will have to fight from underneath and show heart against the cheating duo.  The wildcard here is Maria who will likely interfere again on behalf of her man which will make Zayn’s uphill struggle that much harder.

Prediction: Mike Kanellis to win


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