UPDATE: Taya vs. AAA – Vampiro Responds, Mundo Attacks


On Sunday night, we announced of the outrage from former AAA Reina de Reinas Champion (AAA’s Women’s title) and Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie when someone thought to be retired, Sexy Star, returned to AAA and won the title in a match to win the vacant title. The title had been declared vacant on July 1st by AAA’s Head of Talent Vampiro (who also works with Lucha Underground as colour commentator) when Vampiro announced that champion Taya had no-showed the event and was thus being stripped of her title. According to Taya, she was never even informed of the show in the first place. Vampiro announced the next day he “forget to text Taya” about the move and that not to worry it was part of a story for AAA’s creative. He also changed the reason for his vacancy by saying that after careful review (of nearly three months), he decided that Taya had used an illegal move to win the title in the first place – yes, that’s right. She was essentially disqualified from a DQ match for using an illegal move. That would be like stripping someone of their title because they used a chairshot or, I don’t know, if someone else interfered to cost the other competitor the match.

Sorry, Kevin, Vampiro says you gotta give it back. (Photo: WWE)

When the match to crown the new champ was booked for this past Sunday’s TV taping, AAA failed to notify Taya or consider the former champion as perhaps someone who should have had a rematch (why wouldn’t the two original competitors just get a rematch?). This lead to a rampage of tweets directed at AAA from Taya, ending with her seemingly quitting the organization after what she described as “backstabbed”.


The internet fans, smelling another legendary wrestling screwjob (and featuring another Canadian), immediately rallied around Taya and trashed AAA, particularly Vampiro. Vampiro responded on Twitter the next day on Social Media (although he’s since taken them down).

Probably shouldn’t do this as I don’t give a f–k, but a mark is a mark, regardless of its gender! It’s called building a story and a angle and the day that talent dictates what happens in any company, then the company is in trouble. There are hundreds of people involved in planning stories ,programming events in advance, and , for me to even waste time addressing this to you, is crazy, as, I have a responsibility to do the best I can with what I have in front of me. Running a company in three continents is extremely complicated.”

“Now , as far as Taya is concerned, I chose not to say anything as I have been around long enough to see to many young talents close doors because they lose touch with reality. I support her and I think she is incredible. Her opinions are hers and hers alone. As far as you go, they say you do what I have done, or go through what I have gone through, and can do a better job than me , I will respect you. For now, I apologize , but to me , you’re a person who made me take 5 mins out of my day to answer your text, out of respect for your ignorance. Other than that, have a good day!

Photo: Lucha Underground

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison, aka Johnny Mundo on Lucha Underground, the fiancee of Taya, responded to Vampiro’s response on Twitter.

Funny enough, Morrison received several hilarious replies to his statement of Vampiro, including several who have recently left Lucha Underground and AAA over similar backstage politics (Ricochet, Pentagon Jr., Konnan).


As expected, Vampiro responded again to clear up the air, this time addressing the couple together (again, original tweet has since been deleted).

My response to Johnny mundo, taya , and fans in general.

This, is The perfect case of something that can turn into something very bad.

When I took the job of talent relations , producing, and writing….

I knew for a fact that I would have to have thick skin because no matter what you do or how you do it, when you work in the entertainment industry, or any industry for that matter and are in a position of influence, and have responsibilities, no matter what and no matter way, there will always be somebody who will not like you.

Photo: Lucha Underground

I have also learned that if you are a public person there will be more people who hate you then like you, and you will be destroyed in public via social media and every other outlet available , as no matter what, even if you were trying to do the best you can, somebody will be offended.

I get that and it’s all good, I’m OK with it, and I think that’s why I continue to grow as a person because I can understand that sooner or later I will make someone angry.

So I prefer to be honest, and that is I am a human being and they do make mistakes and by no means do I think I’m perfect.
I am only learning to do this job day by day, and I am trying my hardest.

I think that Taya is incredible, and she is a great performer, and has so much more in front of her .

I do think that It was completely irresponsible and how I went about the situation with her and for that I apologize.

As far as Johnny goes, I have nothing but respect for him and I think that he is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world today, and certainly one of the best ever of his generation.

I am just a guy who is trying his hardest to do his job, I do not apologize for who I am, but I do apologize if I have offended anyone and I do make professional mistakes.

In saying that I do not do anything on my own, I always run things by my superiors as that is the way things are supposed to be done, but I do strongly stand by what I am trying to transmit on television .

I am certain that I cannot make everybody happy all the time, and I do realize that I am just a passenger on this journey, and sooner or later I will be out of style and somebody will take my place but in the meantime I’m going to continue to try to do my best, and I am certainly not getting involved in a Twitter fued, work, or no work.

I certainly hope this clears up a few things, they’re a great story lines in great angles coming up, and it’s not my fault if talent is unhappy with me, but I am extending my hand in friendship and asking for forgiveness for whatever I have done wrong, and I would love to have a discussion with anybody who has been offended by me, because I can guarantee you that I did not do it intentionally.

This is the last I will comment on this issue, and I hope it’s sufficient.

Thanks very much and have a great evening.

With Vampiro’s position of authority within AAA (who have ownership in Lucha Underground), it’s safe to say that AAA’s current triple title holder Johnny Mundo – he’s the AAA Mega Champion, AAA Latin American Champion and AAA World Cruiserweight – will probably not be holding all the gold for long. In fact, they may face the same vacating fate of Taya’s title. Although it may not be as easy to obtain. Reports claim that AAA convinced Morrison to borrow the belt back from Taya for an event in Mexico that only he was booked on, under the pretense it was for some promotional photos they needed. That night they announced the stripping of the title. So you can see why Morrison is more than a little upset as well.

Photo: Lucha Underground

It will also lead to see if Morrison and Taya will return to Lucha Underground should a Season 4 ever get announced if Vampiro is still working in creative. They’ve both recently been announced as joining Global Force Wrestling for some live events in August. Perhaps they may use it to test new waters for a new home and get away from the dealings of Vampiro all together. While AAA also does business with GFW, former LU/AAA star Konnan is able to maintain a separate relationship with GFW and his own The Crash.

Where do you think Morrison and Taya will end up? Stay with Lucha Underground? Head to GFW? Or WWE? Or NJPW? Or is this all a work within a work?

Photo: Lucha Underground




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