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Speculation continues to swirl over the future of former ROH star and indie standout Donovan Dijak after his announcement yesterday on the New Age Insiders podcast that he was no longer accepting indie booking dates.

Dijak himself quickly dispelled the notion that his “announcement” was his retirement and re-iterated he was just finishing up his booked dates.

I’m not, as far as I know, I’m not retiring from professional wrestling. I am, you know, finishing up, certainly, the dates that I mentioned – I do still have some other dates on the horizon, I’ve been announced for PROGRESS in New York, I’m super excited about that, PWG BOLA is a little bit of a ways away, so I’m still excited for that too. There’s obviously going to be a lot of speculation as to what I’m doing – my future isn’t 100% completely set in stone yet, so there’s no official announcement or anything like that to be made. I definitely have some promising and exciting things on the horizon that I’m really, really, really looking forward to and it’s a pretty big step and a pretty big chapter in my life and my family’s life, so we’re all super excited about it. I’m sure it will, sort of, come to light sooner rather than later. It’s not the kind of thing I can hide forever. I’m sure people will find out sooner rather than later.

Throughout the interview, puns insinuating Dijak was NXT bound were a-plenty from the hosts and Dijak laughed them off. He also never weighed in when it was repeatedly brought up that Global Force Wrestling wasn’t a possible destination (although this could simply have been deflection). NAI further pushed the NXT speculation with the wording of “next” as “NeXT” in their tweet to promote the interview after it concluded.

With all signs seemingly pointing to him heading to NXT, the comment about it not being “100% set in stone” could be alluding to the formality of having his WWE medical first. Dijak, the 2015 ROH Top Prospect, left Ring of Honor in February of this year after a three year run with the company. The 6’5″, 270 lb. wrestler from Massachusetts has become one of the indies top stars over the past year, also appearing for such promotions as PWG, PROGRESS, Beyond, RevPro (UK), Germany’s wXw, Ireland’s OTT, WrestleCircus, GloryPro, AAW and still remaining loyal to his “birthplace” promotion, Chaotic Wrestling (where he was Champion in 2014).

Listen to the full interview here

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