Sexy Star Just Won The AAA Women’s Title…And Taya Is Pissed


Sometimes wrestling writes it’s best soap operas backstage. There’s a reason why WCW started beating the WWF and it was more than coincidence it was during the rise of the internet.  As more and more wrestling fans gained more immediate access to real life backstage happenings (something that took years and word of mouth), kayfabe was killed by us, the fans, not the wrestlers. We gave them no chance BUT to admit it was a work. Don’t believe me? See how many people think an MMA Four Horsewomen match vs the NXT Four Horsewomen (Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch) is a garbage idea because Ronda, Jessamyn, Marina and Shayna would legit kick their ass. They’re ignoring the simple fact that in the WWE Universe (or any wrestling universe), you become equal when you enter the land of wrestling fantasy. And this is a very wrestling fan mentality – I didn’t hear any comic book fans pissed off that Batroc The Leaper (portrayed by very real and relevant UFC Champion George St. Pierres) “jobbed” to Captain America (portrayed by a very non-MMA athlete like Chris Evans). We’ve come to the point where fans are so informed by the inner workings, that the actual product – the fantasy “kayfabe” world of whatever promotion they follow – becomes the last thing they care about. It’s like watching Star Wars and being more concerned by how the actors learned their lines, how they delivered them, who’s the script advisor, who’s making the edits, and ultimately who’s executive producing, without even following the story. And mean, William H. Macy is a FAR better actor than most of the leads he works aside – how dare the producers BURY HIM by making him a character actor.

But I digress.

Back to the real drama thing. Well, tonight at AAA’s AAA in Monterray. Sexy Star – one of the breakout stars of AAA via Lucha Underground, who FAMOUSLY quit AAA (and subsequently Lucha Underground) due to management issues, retired from wrestling, became a boxer, started wrestling again casually, won her first boxing match, wrestled way more, yeah, her – won the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship, becoming AAA’s new Women’s Champion.

At first, people were shocked she even showed up, let alone won the AAA Women’s title. We all thought she was winding down her career and retiring – after all, she clearly wanted nothing to do with AAA when she left. But here she was, not only retiring in her mask (she removed it when she “retired”), but won the AAA Women’s championship.

This did not sit well with one of AAA’s top female stars, Canadian wrestler Taya Valkyrie – former AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, fiancee to John Morrison (Johnny Mundo) and current star on Lucha Underground. She was the reigning champion on day 71 of her second reign as AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. Her first reign clocked in at 945 days – from November of 2014 until March of this year – and she was an absolute superstar. She was part of the Worldwide Underground, with her Boone, Johnny Mundo. And then she was stripped of her title on July 1st and it became vacant. Vampiro, the head of talent for AAA since February of 2017, stripped Taya of the title because two months prior, during a title match between then champion Ayako Hamada and challenger Taya – which was a No-DQ match – the belt changed hands because Taya choked Hamada out to win the title. Over two months later, Vampiro made the decision to vacate the title.

Photo: Vampiro’s Facebook Account

Considering the match in question took place in April of 2017, two months after Vampiro got the position, and she was stripped of the title two months after she’d won it, it seems a bit odd that any official would go back that far to find something wrong to remove a title. And if it was a No-DQ match, how can you declare that someone did something that should have called for a DQ as the reason for the title being stripped?

And thus, Sexy Star entered the story unbeknownst to anyone and has now won the title. And it appears we now have a Mexico Screwjob.

When a fan mentioned she’d left AAA on bad terms over issues, she hit back quick:

She then promptly (seemingly) quit the promotion on Twitter.

When she first mentioned the backstabbing, her Lucha Underground co-star and indie behemoth Brian Cage joined the conversation:

It appears Sexy Star has returned to the company that made her famous, donned her mask and reclaimed her gold, and Taya has left Mexico. This sounds like the best Netflix mini-series ever – the Breaking Bad version of GLOW.

With AAA having ownership stakes (and creative control) with Lucha Underground, it will be interesting to see how Taya’s character continues and what repercussions may incur to her (and possibly Johnny Mundo).

Or, it could all be just a work. After all, perhaps Social Media is the new kayfabe.


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