OTT Born To Be Wasted Recap and Reactions

OTT Born To Be Wasted

Company: Over The Top Wrestling

Event: Born To Be Wasted

Venue: Tivoli Theater

BTBW saw the debut of some fun new gimmicks in OTT a few re-debuts and a healthy helping of indie-rific talent to put on another fantastic show heading into WrestleRama and their second ever show in the 2000-seater National Stadium.

Match 1: Chris Brookes vs Damian Corvin W/Bonesaw

A short, sweet opener with the two on one advantage eing exploited but Brookes eventually overcoming it anyway with help from the referee in a fun spot where Niall Fox replaced Kid Lykos with the LungBlower/Senton combo.

Chris Brookes wins

Post Match Brookes announces that he is cashing in his golden ring at WrestleRama for a CCK vs Kings Of The North Trios match for the titles. That match is gonna be sick

Reactions: Suprising choice for opener but had heat and was well wrestled between two guys that are tag wrestlers.  It was all just to set up the post match announcement of that huge title match for WretleRama. Rating 5 out of 10

Match 2: 2Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon) vs Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson

Gibson gets major heat for his pre-match promo and drags it out for 10 minutes of constant booing.  The match itself was decent 2U hot ouyt of the gates before an extended heat segment from the heels, eventual hot tag, SPOTFEST.  This seems to be the 2U formula and it works to an extent, they are lacking a connection to the crowd who react only to the spots and they are a tad sloppy due to the fact that they only do complicated spots.  2U win by DQ and the Lads From The Flats (Paddy & Workie) attack the brits in retaliation for Gibson and Sha Samuels attempting to break Paddy’s leg before challengin them to a “knock”(Street Fight) at WrestleRama

Match finished as a no contest

Reactions: A decent match that was luckily very hot the anit-british crowd ate up all the heel work which kept the heat segment from dragging too much.  2U almost killed Gibson on a bothced 450 and those guys are gonna have to get tighter in ring to ascend the ranks in OTT. Rating: 4 out of 10

Match 3: Justin Shape & Logan BryceW/W William J. Humperdinck vs William Eaver & Martina in a “Gender Neutral” tag match

The born again Martina wore full Virgin Mary garb and looked like an ass kicking nun.  This was a fun match that used Eaver’s Supernatural gimmick in small doses and built to a good hot tag for Martina.  Shape and Bryce got the win in the end

Justin Shape and Logan Bryce win

Reactions: It was nice to see Martina get a match on the show despite not playing up her Session Moth character here she did well,  Shape, Eaver and Bryce were their usual great selves, decent match.  Rating: 5 out of 10

Match 4: OTT Womens Championship Match- Xia Brookside vs “The Feminist Icon” (C) Katey Harvey

Two of the better technical womens wrestlers in Europe colliding here in what was a short, sweet match that gave Harvey momentum heading into WrestleRama

Katey Harvey wins

Post match Martina vs Katey Harvey is confirmed for WrestleRama

Reactions: Nothing much to say about this match Xia wrestled well but is still young and will get better and Harvey once again proved she is the best female wrestler in Ireland.  A bit short but still good. Rating: 5 out of 10

Match 5: Terry Thatcher vs Bobby George Jr.

This match was all about the debut of BGJ.  BOBBY GEORGE JUNIOR IS THE BEST THING EVER(sorry had to get that out).  BGJ has a darts player gimmick including his own ring announcer and the crowd bought into it one hundred percent.  One of the hottest matches on the card with Thatcher doing a good job of ruining the fun that the crowd was having.  BGJ got the win after a top rope elbow which followed a SAVAGE spear.

Bobby Geroge Jr. wins

Reactions: This was fantastic and lots of fun Bobby George Junior has a great gimmick including his entrance (Seven Nation Army by White Strypes) and his mid match 180 punches check this match out for the absolute craziest wrestling experience you will have in a long time. Rating 8 out of 10

Match 6: The Rise Of The Limitless Death Machines (Donovan Dijak, Sami Callihan & Keith Lee) vs British Strong Style ( Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne & Trent Seven)

This.Match. WOW.  This was fantastic, BSS never fail to impress when in Dublin and their opponents are no slouches in the ring.  Seeing Lee senton over the ropes live is a stunning visual and while the match was built around him everybody shined here.  Just like in my preview there really are no words for this match.

British Strong Style win

Reactions: This was the match of the night and was very fun to watch live with the OTT crowd going a step above its usual greatness to reach PWG levels of heat.  The wrestlers in the ring knew what the crowd wanted and delivered a 6-man war that will be in contention for OTT match of the year. Rating 10 out of 10

Match 7: Anti-Fun Police (Bull James, Chief Deputy Dunne & Big Nick) vs Angel Cruz, B.Cool & Kenny Williams W/Team Prick

The AFP showed up during a beer filled squat-off to decree that there would be no more fun, the match was built around Nick (formerly “The fabulous” Nicki) and the crowd trying to remind him of who he really is while Cruz, his former tag partner, built some tension between the two.  A decent match leading to B.Cool needing to take his steroids but Team PRICK accidentally taking them and destroying everybody.  Dunne got the win in the end with a top rope assisted DDT.

Anit-Fun Police win

Post match Cruz and Cool blame being in trios matches for their losing and form the tag team the Angel Cruisers to take on The Worlds Cutest Tag Team(Joey Ryan & Candice LaRea) at WrestleRama(Cruz hilariously called them Joey Mercury and Candice Michelle)

Reactions: This match was all about the comedy spot with the steroids, the stuff with Nick sets up interesting stuff down the road hopefully with a face turn and return to fabulousness.  Not a bad match but not amazing either. Rating 4 out of 10

Main Event:  NLW No Limits Championship- Mark Haskins vs (C) Ryan Smile

Heel Ryan Smile is a vile piece of work.  Interestingly he got more cheers as a heel than in his entire face run.  This was actually a great match it started slowly and was decent before kicking into high gear where both men went back and forth hitting their best moves trying to get the win.  Haskins won via tapout but with Smile’s leg under the rope the match was restarted and Smile picked up the win shortly after.

Post match Mick Foley was sown on the screen saying how unhappy he was with the finish and announced that at WrestleRama Ryan Smile will defend the title against Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll in a triple threat match.

Reactions: This was easily the best match of Smile’s title reign and its no coincidence that it was against Mark Haskins, the dusty finish surprised me as I had never thought of a possible triple threat at WretleRama.  The triple threat match announcement was well recieved and that match should tear the house down come August 5th. Rating 8 out of 10

Another good show in the books from OTT, they set up three huge title matches for WrestleRama tonight and the excitement levels are through the roof for the next big show.  I cant wait for WrestlRama, but in the meantime rewatching this show will certainly tide me over until then.


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