Preview: OTT Born To Be Wasted (7/1/2017)


OTT puts on its last event tonight, Born To Be Wasted, before the major WrestleRama double header in August and they are presenting another fantastic card with huge names such as Keith Lee, Donovan Dijak and the British Strong Style boys appearing.

Photo: OTT


Photo: OTT

Match 1:  2Unlimited(Jay & Patrick Sammon) vs Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson

2U stole the show in their match against Extra Talented at Outer Space Odyssey 3 with an unrivaled athleticism making them must watch.  They will be very over here against the “foreign” (Sterling has apparently defected) opposition.  The anti-British sentiment will be in full force here as Gibson is hated everywhere he goes and Sterling isn’t well liked in Dublin.  I expect 2U to get the win and put themselves in the race for the OTT tag team titles.

Predictions: 2Unlimited to get the win

Photo: OTT

Match 2: “Pastor” William Eaver & ??? vs Justin Shape and Logan Bryce w/ Gerry Humperdinck

Eaver is supposed to be teaming with God but that is so 2006 WWE that he probably has a partner, and if not then this will be hilarious.  Eaver beat Shape at the last show with a Holy Hadouken and Shape wouldnt take the loss claiming he was Hypnotized before challenging Eaver to this tag match.  This will be a good match regardless of whether its comedy or not as all three men are capable of pulling off a good match in either style.  That being said Shape is usually booked strong and this should continue here.

Prediction: Justin Shape and Logan Bryce to win

Photo: OTT

Match 3: Xia Brookside vs (C) “Feminist Icon” Katey Harvey

Brookside makes her debut here in OTT and is a prominent enough name on the British women’s scene who has a legacy in the business and training from her highly regarded father Robby Brookside.  Harvey is one of the best women wrestlers in Europe and this should be a good match as Harvey looks to head into her title defense at WresleRama with momentum on her side.

Predictions: Katey Harvey to win

Photo: OTT

Match 4: Chris Brookes vs Damian Corvin (Gold Ring on the line)

A gold Ring grants the owner a title shot.  Should Corvin win as he is already tag team champion he would get an NLW shot.  It is great to see Brookes back in OTT as he really impressed when he appeared at Marble Hill Zone.  Brookes winning would hopefully set up a CCK vs Kings Of The North match for WrestleRama and with no other established challengers that seems to be the right direction.  Corvin and Brookes are usually seen as tag wrestlers so it will be interesting to see how they perform in singles action here.

Predictions: Chris Brookes to win

Photo: OTT

Match 5: British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs Sami Callihan, Donovan Dijak & Keith Lee

This is a dream match featuring 6 of the best guys on the independent scene anywhere in the world.  BSS are always amazing Callihan and Dijak are consistent in putting on good matches and Keith Lee is one of the most talked about wrestlers today and the hype is real for the physical specimen.  This match doesn’t require much selling it will be a great indie-riffic match that will have jaws dropping.

Predictions: British Strong Style to win

Photo: OTT

Main Event: NLW No Limits Championship Match (C) “All Day Superstar”Ryan Smile vs Mark Haskins

Haskins made his claim for a title shot after beating Sami Callihan at the last show, in the main event of that show Smile defended against Matt Riddle and in the process embraced the dark side and turned heel, a good move as the crowd had turned on his run as champion, Smile will look to use this new edge and attitude that he has to retain against one of the best in Britain in Mark Haskins.  The winner here will defend against Marty Scurll at WrestleRama and with a built in Smile vs Scurll storyline I cant look past a Smile win.

Prediction: Ryan Smile to retain

With Extreme Tiger (F/K/A Tigre Uno in TNA) announced as well as the usual suspects also going to be in action this looks set to be another great night of action for OTT as they head for their second National Stadium event in August.  This show is set to have major ramifications for WrestleRama and will prove newsworthy and will easily be worth your time.


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