Preview: OTT Outer Space Oddyssey III: Stranger Things Have Happened


Company: OTT

Event: Outer Space Odyssey 3: Stranger Things Have Happened

Date: Sunday June 4th

Photo: OTT

Over The Top Wrestling runs its first ever Sunday show in Dublin on the Bank Holiday weekend Sunday and brings with it a very enticing card.  A host of international stars are here as well as Matt Riddle (BRO!) challenging for the NLW title and Pete Dunne’s return to the company he helped build with British Strong Style – if you have ever wanted to see BSS as babyfaces this is your chance, and as always there is the best local talent on display.  Without further ado let’s break down the card.

Photo: OTT

Match 1: 2Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon) vs Extra Talented (Aaron Solo & Ricky Sparks)

This is both teams debut here in OTT, with 2Unlimited both being Irish and Extra Talented being American. This match should be interesting to see whether either team is gonna be sticking around here in OTT. With there being no clear challengers in the tag division, a good performance could help either team stake a claim for the tag belts.

(Editor’s note: Extra Talented’s Aaron Solo was an alternate for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and has appeared on NXT and on 205 Live in enhancement matches. He’s also the fiance of WWE Superstar Bayley and a regular with WrestleCircus and Full Impact Pro in the US. Ricky Sparks also appears with Solo in WrestleCircus as well as in ACW. Sparks has also appeared with the WWE, both in NXT and on the main roster, where he was squashed by Kane on Main Event. 2Unlimited features Jay & Patrick Sammon, two brothers who have been called Ireland’s Motor City Machine Guns. They’ve competed in IPW:UK and other UK promotions)

Prediction: I’ll give the win to the Irish boys so 2Unlimited

Photo: OTT

Match 2: “Session Moth” Martina & “Feminist Icon” Katey Harvey vs Kris Wolf & Kay Lee Ray

This match has been termed as “our best vs the world” – Martina and Harvey are deep into a feud over the women’s championship and may not be able to coexist.  For KLR, this is her Dublin debut in OTT having only performed in the Belfast shows before this – a good performance is expected of her as she has been performing to a high standard this year. The real wildcard here is Wolf, one of the most over women in Stardom and surely going to be the biggest star with Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo heading to Orlando. She is doing a UK tour and OTT will probably just be another stop in the road here, but she is fun enough to make it work.

Prediction: Again got to give it to the local talent, but this will be a potential show stealer

Photo: OTT

Match 3: “Unique”Jake McClusky vs Kenny Williams

Williams is a supremely talented guy who I am happy to see in an OTT ring again as we haven’t seen him since December.  McCluskey is a guy I have never seen but one look at his Twitter profile shows he is a real journeyman on the British scene who has faced the likes of Matt Riddle and has been in Lucha Forever. This match should be interesting to get a taste of McCluskey and if he is as good as I think he is then this match, will be a show stealer.

Prediction: Kenny Williams

Photo: OTT

Match 4: Justin Shape vs “Pastor” William Eaver

After Shape’s match at the last show, where he lost it after the match and was about to attack his opponents with a wrench, Eaver appeared in a blinding white light to warn Shape about his behavior and challenged him to a match here.  Shape is one of the most entertaining guys on the roster and is booked pretty strong with William Humperdinck and Logan Bryce in his corner.  Eaver is another great young talent to have and wrestles frequently for Celtic Championship Wrestling (not to mention a former PROGRESS World Champion), so he may stay in OTT longer than one show.

Prediction: If Eaver doesn’t stay as a regular, I give Justin Shape the win

Photo: OTT

Match 5: Jordan Devlin vs Moose

Devlin makes his return to OTT here after his WWE UK commitments kept him from appearing at the last two shows. The Social Elite are sure to make their (unwanted!) presence felt with their star attraction back.  Moose is debuting here and I just hope he throws Devlin around as much as possible (also his entrance is really fun).  I am expecting a good match with Moose using his power game against Devlin’s grappling, but there will be interference

Prediction: Jordan Devlin or Moose by DQ

Photo: OTT

Match 6: Mark Haskins vs Sami Callihan

This match has all the makings of a great match.  Haskins never fails to deliver no matter the opponent and was in one of the best matches of the night the last time he appeared in OTT.  Callihan has had a great 2017 and has really started to consistently deliver great matches in every promotion.  Should be a fun indie-riffic sprint with lots of superkicks and knees and such.  Expect Haskins to win as he has the momentum and will appear more in the future for OTT

Prediction: Mark Haskins

Photo: OTT

MAIN EVENT: “BRO” Matt Riddle vs “All Day Superstar” Ryan Smile (C) for the NLW championship

This match was set up at the end of the last show when Riddle challenged Smile, this will be Smile’s second defense of the title since winning it from Dunne in February and his title run has seen him get more boos than cheers as he has faced and beat some big names such as Dunne and Jeff Cobb and with Marty Scrull breathing down his neck people want him to lose the title to bigger stars, this is understandable as every fan wants a Scurll as their main champion but Smile is a regular here and has been for awhile and I don’t see him losing it here.  Riddle though is a really big star and if anybody is to beat Smile and become a part-time champion it would be him (also seeing Riddle vs Scurll live AGAIN would blow my mind) this match is quite unpredictable but I would give the edge to Smile as he is the regular and has a feud with Scurll carrying over from last year.  Either way this match will be amazing.

Prediction: Ryan Smile to win and retain the title

With a stacked card already announced and a guaranteed British String Style match along with some other surprises this show promises to be a great debut show for OTT’s new On Demand service.  And make sure to check in next week for my review of this show.

Photo: OTT


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