PROGRESS Chapter 48 Part.1: A Serial Review

PROGRESS Chapter 48 Part.1: A Serial Review

PROGRESS Chapter 48 Part.1: A Serial Review

Venue: O2 Ritz, Manchester

PROGRESS returns for the last show before Super Strong Style 16 with a stacked card featuring Matt Riddle vs Tyler Bate and the mega main event of Mark Haskins vs Mark Andrews vs Pete Dunne.

Show opens with Jim Smallman’s usual intro.  He focuses in on a group of cos-players on a stag night dressed as wrestlers from the 80’s.

Match 1: James Drake vs Flash Morgan Webster SSS16 Qualifier

Webster jumps Drake as he makes his entrance AND IMMEDIATELY A CROSS BODY INTO THE FIFTH ROW OF CHAIRS.  A 2 count straight off the bat, Drake takes over for a heat segment while getting showered with “arseface” chants.  Drake using his usual brawler offense to stay on top to more creative “arseface” chants, I love PROGRESS, Webster gets on top with fast paced offense Drake slides out and its a TOPE CON GIRO to Drake, Straggler attempt reversed into a slam and Webster reverses to hit an Angel’s Wings style move for 2.  Drake takes back over but Webster hits him with a SICKENING HEADBUTT OUCH!  Both men down, both men trade until Drake cracks Webster with two forearm strikes, DDT attempt reversed and some 2 count rolls before Webster hits a high knee followed by an inverted DDT 1…..2…….3

Flash Morgan Webster Wins

Reactions: A decent opener helped by an electric crowd in Drake’s best match by far, Webster is a good choice to go to SSS16 and I am excited to see where he goes in it Rating: 6 out of 10 above average opener

Match 2: Jinny vs Session Moth Martina

Jinny unfortunately has also had to change her music to a terrible new theme.  Martina’s entrance is a thing of beauty if she is appearing near you it is your duty to see her live.  “session Moth” chants rain down alongside glowsticks from the hot crowd, Martina is really over for someone who has only wrestles here once.  Pin reversals lead to some one coints but more importantly THE BEER SURVIVED.  Jinny in control Martina reverses into a suplex and gets a cigarette from the ref.  This delay allows Jinny to get back on top, Martina takes over and locks in her signature beer-assisted Tarantula submission, Jinny’s heat segment has the crowd chanting “Jinny is a TORY” which I think is an insult.  Jinny chokes Martina with a Tesco bag Ruthless stuff, Martina reverses into a Tesco bag blindfold lung blower, Martina up top, crotched on the second rope and Jinny hits an X-Factor 2 for the 3

“please come back” chants for Martina who leaves with the referee for a session.

Jinny Wins

Reaction: Jinny was always winning with her being in the final and Martina will always be over and here she played the fun babyface well in contrast to the mean, nasty Jinny with strong crowd reactions for both Rating: 4 out of 10

Match 3: London Riots (James Davis& Rob Lynch) vs Sweet Jesus (“Pastor” William Eaver & Chuck Mambo

The Riots with new music aswell.  Beach balls out for Mambo and Eaver, some nice grappling to start between Mambo and Davis, comedic grappling featuring Mambo’s phone hand sign,  Davis clearly done with this hits Mambo in the face.  Mambo tags in Eaver, some back and forth follows, Lynch tagged in, I must mention the “Hey Jesus” to the tune of “Hey Baby” chants ending with “Will you be my god”, that’s why PROGRESS crowds are the best in the world.  Big man shot trading before Lynch punches Eaver in the face.  Tag offense from SJ sends the Riots outside, Mambo hits a senton.  Lynch senotns outside and Eaver flies over the top.  SJ niside and EAVER CRUCIFIX POWERBOMBS MAMBO OUT TO THE RIOTS WHO CATCH HIM AND POWERBOMB HIM ONTO THE APRON.  2 on 1 time now as the audio messes up on my VOD, Lynch powerslams Eaver so hard the audio returns.  Tag offense on Eaver who perseveres Mambo knocked back down with a boot, Eaver fights back and Mambo recovers,  hot tag and Mambo takes out the Riots attempted Chuck You reversed into a powerbomb by Davis, District Line reversed sees the Riots hit off each other and a hot tag to Eaver cross body onto the Riots, Beefy offense from Lynch and Eaver Clothesline from heaven for 2.  Davis takes out Eaver, Mambo takes out Davis, Lynch takes out Mambo this match is breaking down and all 4 men are down here.  Crucifix-blockbuster combo for 3

Sweet Jesus wins

Reactions: That was a sweet finishing move it really came out of nowhere, a great tag team match with SJ unofficially the number one contenders.  Great to have SJ back after a year long hiatus from tagging as the Riots lose again and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.  Rating: 7 out of 10 PROGRESS have this tag match formula down.

Match 4: Trent Seven vs Travis Banks

Travis out to a great reaction from the fans, Seven out to a middle finger salute.  Banks starts off string with a SUICIDE DIVE before Seven even gets in the ring.  Banks takes the fight into the crowd and continues laying into Seven, Seven fights back but Banks deflects the chair throws and takes back control.  Banks tears thorough Seven hittiing him with everything in hos arsenal, Seven wont go down that easily and keeps kicking out, Seven hits a dragon supelex and piledriver for 2, back and forth chops and kicks and they cntinue to trade shots to the face Banks with a springboard kick and Seven TAKES HIS HEAD CLEAN OFF with a clothesline.  WHAT AN EXCHANGE!  1…….2….Emphatic kick out by Banks.  Seven crotch first into the turnbuckle, double stomp and a coast to coast pin, OUT AT 2.  Seven hurting himself with his chops having chopped the ringpost at the beginning of the match is quite funny.  MASSIVE Liger bomb by Banks, both men fire up and Seven rolls up Banks and wins with a handful of tights

Seven Wins

Reaction: These are two of the best wrestlers in the UK not named Tyler Bate or Pete Dunne and they delivered here they played well into the Banks revenge storyline and made both look stronng ahead of SSS16 Rating: 8 out of 10

This ends the first half of the show and of this review come back tomorrow when i review the secind half of the show featuring the Main Event of Pete Dunne vs Mark Andrews vs Mark Haskins and a HUGE debut one of the most shocking in PROGRESS HISTORY.


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