Progress Super Strong Style 16: Who’s Winning-Part 2

Progress Super Strong Style 16: Who's Winning-Part

Progress Super Strong Style 16: Who’s Winning-Part 2

Entrants 6-10

I continue my look at the entrants to the Super Strong Style 16 tournament and am continuing here with the latest entrants announced and again analyze their chances of winning and what they will accomplish by entering the competition

Entrant 6: Jimmy Havoc

Is he winning it: The longest raining champion in company history and arguably the face of PROGRESS, Havoc is always in with a chance of earning a title opportunity and has already feuded with Dunne over the title, their no DQ match at Chapter 45 felt like the blow-off to the feud although Dunne has yet to pin Havoc clean, Havoc is always a favorite to win a tournament like this and it really just depends on whether PROGRESS want him to climb this mountain to finally overcome Dunne similar to Ospreay vs Havoc.

What will he gain from it: This is the first time Havoc will compete in SSS16 and he will look to have a good showing to keep him at the top of the card and probably put himself in line for another title shot whether by winning or going deep into the tournament.

Entrant 7: Flamita

Is he winning it: Similar to Jeff Cobb Flamita is here to add some international star quality and put on good matches before putting over a regular PROGRESS talent.  In a nutshell he probably has little to no chance of winning.

What will he gain from it: Despite being one pf the best young prospects in the world and tearing up the Japanese scene every time he tours Dragon Gate Flamita is often a forgotten  man by the internet wrestling community, a good showing here in PROGRESS will help raise his popularity in Britain and with the independent wrestling fans in the USA.

Entrant 8: Zack Gibson

Is he winning it: A Gibson win is unlikely as he has never been pushed as a potential champion and a heel vs heel match between him and Pete Dunne probably wouldn’t work on any level.

What will he gain from it:  I see him in here to have a match with Sexmith to have Sexsmith finally beat Gibson in their unfinished feud and put Sexsmith over rather than for his own benefit but will be a featured heel in the early rounds.

Entrant 9: Zack Sabre Jr.

Is he winning it: Old Zacky 3 belts has never been booked as a person who needs to earn title opportunities, hes as close as PROGRESS have to Brock Lesnar in that regard, so the former finalist doesn’t need to win here and wont but will have a good showing

What will he gain from it: Will be booked to stay at his current level of part time ass kicker and will have a good run with some potential match of the tournament contenders to fit his high profile.

Entrant 10: Tyler Bate

Is he winning it: Bate unlike Seven is more likely to break away from Dunne and has already teased some problems between the two which a Bate win here would only make worse, selfishly I also just want to see Bate vs Dunne as much as possible.  A win for Bate would not surprise me at all

What will he gain from it:  Bate will look to have a good showing and cement himself as a main eventer while also setting up the potential storyline with Dunne.


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