Progress Super Strong Style 16: Who’s Winning-Part 1

Progress Super Strong Style 16: Who's Winning-Part

Super Strong Style 16

Who’s winning

Entrants 1-5

The SSS 16 is Progress’s answer to the G1, The King Of The Ring. It is a tournament of high profile, really good matches that elevates a star or brings someone to the next level and I am here to analyze the odds for each competitor to win and what they will get out of competing.

Entrant 1: “Pastor” William Eaver

Is he winning it: No I don’t think that Eaver is a viable option to win, he is a former PROGRESS champion but he has been downhill since and a recent feud win over Sebastian doesn’t elevate him enough to be a challenger in this tournament,

What will he get from it: A good performance will put him back in the mind of fans like he was when he became champion and would do a lot to bring him back to a higher level of feud and matches than (no offense) Sebastian.

Entrant 2: “The Pansexual Phenomenon”Jack Sexsmith

Is he winning it: There is definitely a possibility for Sexsmith to win the tournament as he has been presented as an underdog and his aim has been to win SSS16 and become champion for the LGBTQ community.  While I wouldn’t give him the big win yet PRORESS may feel that now is the best time to strike,

What will he get from it: Either way this tournament is a win-win for Sexsmith as his character development and story line will progress no matter how he performs here.  Look for him to wither win it all or lose in an effort full of heart, that could continue his climb up the card

Entrant 3: Trent Seven

Is he winning it:  While the idea of Seven winning and facing Dunne is very tantalizing I dont think he is winning so long as Pete Dunne is champion, if any member of BSS is going to take on Dunne for the title it will be Tyler Bate as they already showed some cracks between those two.  Seven will have a good run in the tournament but probably wont win it.

What will he get from it: He will go through the tournament representing his faction and acting as gatekeeper of sorts for Pete Dunne’s title and will definitely have a deep run and may even be the losing finalist to keep him pushed as a main eventer.

Entrant 4: Travis Banks

Is he winning it: Banks has been singled out by fans as a potential breakout star and a win here would certainly kickstart a run as a singles main eventer.  He certainty is in with a shout as he has beef with British Strong Style and would put on a great match with Dunne for the title.  Because of this he is one of the favorites,

What will he get from it: Competing in this will br the beginning of a promising singles run for Banks and a good showing would see him become a main eveneter as he is already over, is great in the ring and a tournament win would give him the required credibility.

Entrant 5: Jeff Cobb

Is he winning it: PROGRESS don’t usually give major wins to international stars, Matt Riddle aside, but Cobb will probably follow the previous formula of going deep into the tournament, putting on good matches and eventually putting over a PROGRESS regular

What will he get from it: The potential to keep coming back should he get over with the crowd, like WALTER, but it really just increases his exposure in the “smark” circles as a good performance here puts him in even higher demand for bookings.


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