UPDATED (He’s Been Found) Where’s Sean Waltman?: X-Pac Gone Missing


UPDATE: After a public outpouring of concern, X-Pac’s co-host of The Tomorrow Show, Keven Undergaro, finally made contact with X-Pac and while he’s okay, he’s “dealing with issues”. X-Pac will speak more of the incident at a later time.


On a weekend with one no-show out of the UK already, sadly the second one is already being taken far more seriously. It appears that Sean Waltman – better known as X-Pac and the 1-2-3 Kid in the WWE – has disappeared.

Photo: IPW: UK

Sean Waltman was booked to appear on Sunday’s Extreme Measures card for IPW:UK in London, England in a 6-man tag match, teaming with Chakara and Scott Star against Sammy Smooth, Adam Maxted and Livvi Grace. But unfortunately, Waltman never made his flight and missed his meet-up with IPW:UK officials at 2pm on Saturday and the promotion hasn’t heard a word from him since. This prompted IPW:UK to issue the following statement on their Facebook page:

Photo: Screenshot from IPW:UK Facebook Page

X-Pac had made the news earlier this week when he and a few friends rescued a dog that had apparently been the victim of human violence. His last Tweet was sent out on Friday April 28, sharing a photo of him with the rescued dog. He’s posted nothing since.

While Sean Waltman has a storied past with substance abuse, going back to his Kliq days in the WWF in the 1990’s through his toxic relationship with Chyna in the early 2000’s, all signs had seemed to indicate that Waltman was on a far healthier path and he had been clean of any hard drugs for the past decade. He is a staunch supporter of indie wrestling around the world, appearing for multiple promotions, from CHIKARA to House of Hardcore. This match with IPW:UK had previously been announced as X-Pac’s final show in the United Kingdom.

As of this writing, there was still no word on X-Pac’s appearance or whereabouts and none of his Kliq-mates, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Triple H or Shawn Michaels have commented on the situation or provided insight into his whereabouts.

Hopefully this turns out to be something innocent and the world gets to enjoy many more years of Sean Waltman within the industry.

Photo: WWE


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