Fire From The Sky: Reby Hardy Unleashes on Impact Wrestling


By now everyone knows that the Broken Hardy Family – Broken Matt Hardy, “Nefarious Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy, Reby (Sky) Hardy, King Maxel and Senior Benjamin – are finished with Impact Wrestling. The parting was somewhat non amicable, as the Hardy’s felt slighted by the contract offer from Impact and subsequently Impact threatening to sue over the likeness trademarks to all things pertaining to the Broken Universe.

Photo: Matt Hardy Twitter

Well a few short hours ago, on the day that The Hardys were to defend their recently acquired Ring of Honor (ROH) Tag Team titles at ROH’s 15th Anniversary PPV against The Young Bucks and Rappongi Vice, Reby Hardy unloaded on her Twitter account in a tirade directed at Impact Wrestling management – particularly the new owners, Anthem Sports – after Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that Impact had served the Hardys with a cease and desist lawsuit on any portrayal of the Broken Universe, including catchphrases.

Let’s just say, Reby didn’t take kindly to the lawsuit – which included Reby’s real life father, Senior Benjamin.

It started with this one, seemingly moments after they were served.

From there, it was like setting fire to a dirty laundromat.

Hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Photo: Matt Hardy Twitter

Main Photo: Impact Wrestling


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