NXT Recap: (2/22/17)

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Did you miss NXT this week? Well, I’m here to make it all better. It’s the weekly NXT Recap, right here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling.

So, who is the number one contender for Asuka‘s NXT Women’s Championship? Additionally, whatever happened to DIY after last week’s confrontation? Let’s find out, shall we?

NXT Recap: (2/22/17)

Match: Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce vs. Liv Morgan

As our show opens, the triple threat women’s match announced last week begins. Ember MoonLiv Morgan, and Peyton Royce all make their entrances, the bell rings, and our show is officially underway. With Billie Kay standing nearby, fans immediately took a major disliking to her, and understandably so. Kay’s dastardly character is amazing, and shined through even though she was barely in the match. As the match dragged on, it became clear that this one was going to be a rough and tumble bout. It looked as though either Morgan or Royce had the upper hand throughout the entire match. After Ember Moon’s Eclipse to Kay distracted Morgan, Royce bridged Morgan for the pinfall.

Winner: Peyton Royce

Analysis: Honestly, this one makes me a bit sad, but I’m willing to work with it. I wanted to see Moon be the one to walk away with the victory. I really do think that she’s the best woman in this division. On the contrary, I think that this storyline with Royce and Kay is incredible. If they can make this thing work with Asuka, I’ll be totally on-board. Congrats to Peyton Royce. I’m pretty excited to see what they do with her, and perhaps maybe she can be the one to send Asuka to the main roster.

Match: Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne

Next, we had the NXT debuts of both Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews. As the “Bruiserweight,” Dunne uses his incredibly physical style mixed with heel tactics. His character is snarky, bully-esque, and easily hateable. Mark Andrews, however, is a different beast. He’s like a high-flying Zack Ryder. Hopefully, if he moves up to the main roster, the creative team will actually know what to do with him. But now, the match.

Each man got his stuff in and showed off their character. Dunne bruised his way through Andrews as the match unfolded, but Andrews was able to keep his wits about him most of the time. Andrews’s high-flying antics kept the crowd fully engaged, and the high spots that the two men hit were very impressive. The pace went back and forth and it seemed that neither man was able to take control. But in the end, it was Pete Dunne that prevailed after hitting the Bitter End.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Analysis: Alright, there are three things that I can take away from this match. First, these two are awesome together. Their pacing was second to none, and I was on the edge of my seat. Second, the crowd loves these bouts. The “This Is Awesome” chants emanating from the crowd was a clear reminder of that. NXT crowds love their wrestling, and this match was fantastic. Finally, I absolutely love Mark Andrews. Everything about him.

Match: Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose

So, is No Way Jose even a real person? I’m relatively certain he’s just a figment of the collective imagination of NXT fans. In any case, he took on Bobby Roode tonight. The catchiness of Jose’s theme song prompted a conga line in the crowd. Yes, seriously. Additionally, while the Glorious One entered, the crowd lauded him with their deafening chants of “Glorious” and “Roode.” Oh, Full Sail University, please never change. Oh, where was I? Right, the match.

Jose got the crowd pumped up with his…dance moves, and then we got underway. Bobby Roode was able to control most of this one, but Jose still got some stuff in. Most of that stuff was his infectious dancing, but I digress. Jose did mount some offense at points, and actually blocked the Glorious DDT. But only once. As Roode came back to his senses, he put Jose down for the three-count. And then added insult to injury afterward.

Analysis: No Way Jose is hysterical. While I could leave this analysis right there, I’ll choose to elaborate. In all seriousness, this match was very enjoyable. Jose kept the crowd loud and boisterous, and Roode’s wrestling is fantastic. As the match went on, the fans got behind Jose. And then…wait, what? Hold on, I have to stop this analysis right here for a second.

Kassius Ohno Returns

Yeah, this happened. NXT has been teasing Kassius Ohno‘s return for a while now, and tonight was the night. After Bobby Roode asked him who the hell Ohno thought he was, Ohno announced himself fully. And then, he proceeded to call out Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship. To great surprise, Roode promptly accepted and asked Ohno for a fight “right here, right now.”

Roode immediately went after Ohno while his back was turned. After multiple striking shots, Ohno fought back, and fought back hard. Ohno removed Roode from the ring, and stared him down as Roode went back up the ramp. It looks like we’re getting this match sooner rather than later.


A Hundred Words or Less

For those who said, “Too long; didn’t read”, I offer you this. Tonight’s NXT in one hundred words or less.

Our show opened with a triple threat that delivered, and Peyton Royce will be wrestling Asuka for the title next week. Another title match was also announced for next week, as DIY will take on the Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne put on a show in a great display of storytelling, and Dunne rose victorious. After a walloping Glorious DDT, Bobby Roode took out No Way Jose. Finally, Kassius Ohno returned. That feud is coming soon. Overall, tonight was a rather glorious 8.5/10.


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