Royal Rumble Preview: The Club vs. Sheamus and Cesaro


It’s odd that there could be an article about misused talent in WWE involving Sheamus and Cesaro that has nothing to do with either of them. Roughly a year ago, the WWE signed AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and the team of Luke “Doc” Gallows and Karl Anderson away from New Japan Pro Wrestling. Since then, AJ Styles has won the WWE Championship, Nakamura has won the NXT Championship (twice), and the team of Gallows and Anderson have done nothing. That will all change this Sunday, at the Royal Rumble as we get to see The Club vs. Sheamus and Cesaro.

Royal Rumble Preview: The Club vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

As great as the dynamic between Sheamus and Cesaro is, this should be building towards a WrestleMania match. The two had a fiercely competitive “best of seven” series, and they never really had their big payoff. The team could begin to collapse during the Royal Rumble, but it should start with them dropping the tag team titles to Gallows and Anderson.

Gallows and Anderson have been screwed out of so many championship matches that at this point, they’re not really heels or faces. They’re supposed to be heels, but they haven’t won any significant matches via shenanigans, and the New Day and Sheasaro have retained their titles against Gallows and Anderson by cheating repeatedly. It’s not good booking, it’s not turning Gallows and Anderson face, and if they don’t put the belts on the good brothers now, they’ll have wasted two good characters. Having good guys cheat to win just makes them look weak, and this way, it doesn’t build sympathy for the heels either.

It’ll be interesting to see if AJ Styles gets involved in this match, or if these two will show up in Styles’ title match later. They shouldn’t, as everyone should be allowed to go their own way, but it’s worth noting that it could happen.

This match should only end one of two ways. Either Gallows and Anderson cheat to win or Sheamus and Cesaro implode. No dusty finishes, no sneaky finishes from Sheasaro. Gallows and Anderson must win, and they must win like heels. If not, then Monday Night Raw’s tag team division, which is already thinner than a soggy piece of paper, will continue to be the worst part of the show.


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