WWE NXT Review (1/11/17)


After a couple of overseas house shows, NXT is back on the airwaves of the WWE Network. And they look to return with a bang, as DIY defends the NXT Tag Team Championships against The Revival. Any show that features a match like that has to be a good one. Let’s take a look at what else is on tap.

Boy they are trying their darnedest to make Peyton Royce and Billie Kay seem like threats to Asuka. The beatdown wasn’t a horrible way to get that across and its a classic heel move. It was just slightly odd to see Kay and Royce in their ring gear out in broad day light.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs Jobbers

The match was nothing special, just a quick squash. The Australians are really only passable in the ring at this point. The hope is that they haven’t already reached their ceiling in that department.

The post match, however, was interesting. It looks like we are going to get Nikki Cross challenging for the title. Which is honestly the best option at this point, of someone actually on the roster. Cross attacking the heels as well as a nice touch, to go along with her being this insane monster. It’ll be interesting to see how Kay and Royce play into this going forward, if at all.

Elias Sampson vs Jonathan Cruz

Sampson is a solid heel act. It’s so simple, just a guy who is awful at singing and playing guitar, but thinks he’s great. Not going to be main event or anything, but definitely has its place in the mid card. It’s also hilarious that in spite of Sampson being heel, Corey Graves still can’t help but criticize his musical stylings. The match was another squash. The Drifter showed some nice aggression and beat the hell out of Cruz. This is a few squash matches in now for him, seems like about time to put him with someone in an actual program.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Oney Lorcan

Oddly enough, this was a lot better than their Japan match a few weeks ago. It was 110mph from the very beginning and filled the time it had perfectly. Almas is so talented and can work with anybody. And Lorcan’s unique style is so fun to watch. The right man absolutely won and good to see Almas staying active after losing in the fatal four way a couple of weeks ago. He absolutely deserves a title shot somewhere down the line.

Rating: B-

Almas’ promo was about 95 percent Spanish, but it seemed to get heat from the crowd. If speaking Spanish angrily is all it takes, then so be it.

The video packages recapping the two amazing DIY-Revival matches at Brooklyn and Toronto were nice touches. They really make the main event seem even more important.

The sit down interview with Nakamura was solid. It’s usually the setting where he is at his best. The Champ did a good job of highlighting that Roode looks like a champion, but doesn’t have the heart and isn’t a “King” like he is. The ticket bit was cool as well. A little less than a year ago Roode was in the crowd when the King of Strong Style made his debut, now he has a chance to beat him to become the man.

The Revival vs DIY (NXT Tag Team Championship)

It obviously doesn’t top the Brooklyn or Toronto meetings. But these guys are incapable of having a bad match against each other. The pacing was done very well, building to a whirlwind of a crescendo. Even the heat spots by the Revival are really entertaining and that definitely takes skill.

Rating: B

Well say goodbye to great, well-paced matches. Say hello to the Authors of Pain!

So, Royce and Kay will not just play into the match, they are a part of it. Would have been nicer to see Cross vs Asuka one on one, but it seems like they’re saving that.

These weekly shows aren’t always known for their match quality. But, this one had two really solid contests. Definitely worth checking out.


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