RoadBlock Preview: The New Day vs. Sheamus and Cesaro


After defeating The Club, the Golden Truth, and the Shining Stars at Tribute to The Troops, Sheamus and Cesaro earned a match at RoadBlock against New Day for their WWE Tag Team Championships. The New Day just passed Demolition‘s record for the longest reign in WWE history, will it come to an end this Sunday?

RoadBlock Preview: The New Day vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

With Demolition’s record in the rear view, it might be time for the belts to change hands. The New Day have been fantastic champions, but over the last couple of months, the WWE Universe have begun to sour on them. Their spiel has become repetitive, and they’ve rarely retained their championships without cheating.

They would win by DQ or by interference constantly. Since the belts were defended via Freebird Rule, there was always a third member of the group around to cause a ruckus. However, with the record broken, there’s no need for this to continue, so WWE have two options.

New Day Sucks


The last time that New Day were heels, they were incredibly over with the fans. They were annoying and overly flamboyant and the WWE Universe appreciated them even more for it. There’s a chance that the WWE keeps the title on the New Day by turning them heel.

They could keep winning by any means necessary, but stop doing all the things people love about them. They could become despicable cheaters, constantly stealing wins by any means necessary. This is exactly how heel wrestling used to be anyway, and whenever a team was able to take the belts off of them, they’d instantly be over. However, this is unlikely.

And New!


The most likely outcome will be that Sheamus and Cesaro become WWE Tag Team Champions. After a rocky start, they’ve finally started to work together, and it appears as if they’ll get the payoff they deserve. The New Day could still turn heel, and desperately try to win their belts back by any means possible.

The New Day have had a long, impressive run as tag team champions. When they became champions, Seth Rollins was still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That belt has changed hands six times, and even changed shows since then. There have been six Women’s Championship reigns over that span, but when the New Day won the belts, Nikki Bella was still Diva’s Champion.

The trio have made millions of smiles, and likely millions of dollars in merchandise for the WWE, and as exciting as it will be to have new tag team champions, this reign will not be forgotten any time soon. Hopefully all three members of the New Day will continue to make Raw very entertaining.



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