TNA Impact Review: The Eddie Edwards Era


Last week’s TNA Impact delivered with a new TNA Champion in Eddie Edwards.  Tonight, we will get the fallout from the surprising title change, the beginning of the Eddie Edwards era, plus Aron Rex defends the TNA Grand Championship.

TNA Impact Review: The Eddie Edwards Era

TNA opened with Eddie Edwards coming to the ring with the TNA Heavyweight Championship in tow. Edwards said it still did not feel real to be the TNA Champion.  The crowd responded with the now cliché “you deserve it” chant. Edwards tried to get fired up and said that anyone who tried would have to kill him to take the championship from him.  Bobby Lashley’s music interrupted him, and the former World Champion made his way to the ring.  Lashley speared Edwards then started choking him.  Lashley picked up the title and ended up hitting a spear on Edwards. Lashley demanded a referee and said he wanted his rematch right now. When none of the referees complied, Lashley grabbed a chair.  Moose and Ethan Carter III came down for the save and helped Edwards to his feet. Aron Rex made his way to the ring leading in to the commercial break.

Rating – 5/10 – Edwards tried to show some fire, but it felt too forced.  The crowd was not as hot for him as one would imagine.  EC3 could not have seem more disinterested in saving Edwards.

Backstage, the Tribunal asked Aiden O’Shea where Billy Corgan was. O’Shea told the duo they were on the bubble and that they should do something impressive.

There was a recap of the opening segment, followed by Jeremy Borash interviewing Billy Corgan, who was still dressed like an emo Alabama Crimson Tide fan.  Corgan said Bobby Lashley’s automatic rematch is gone due to the attack on Edwards.  Corgan said that he would face the winner of tonight’s main event next week.

Jessie Godderz made his way to the ring for the Grand Championship match against Aron Rex. The first round was three minutes worth of rest holds and submission moves.  Godderz won with a first round score of 30-27. The second round, again, was filled with submission moves and counters to said submission moves.  Godderz won the second round but the same score as the first, 30-27.  The show went to commercial before the third round could start.  Back from commercial, the announcers pointed out that Rex must win this round by pin fall or submission or we would have a new champion thanks to Godderz’s first two round wins. Godderz was knocked to the floor.  Rex acted like he was going to hold the rope open for Godderz to return, but instead hit Godderz with a knee followed by the Revelator elbow for the win.

Backstage, Lashley was shown leaving Billy Corgan’s office.  Aiden O’Shea wasked what that was about.  Lashley said it was about business and that two guys would be surprised tonight.

Broken Matt and Brother Nero said that Impact now lives in the Broken Era.  Matt invited everyone to watch as they usher in the Broken Era.

Rating – 5/10 – The Grand Championship match itself was ok, but the format is still terrible.  It’s always great to try something out of the box, but this format defies all logic.  Broken Matt was on point, as usual.

Backstage, Maria Bennett said she was going to end Gail Kim once and for all. Allie said she had an important email that Maria needed to read.  The email said that Allie, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness are all banned from ringside for her match against Gail Kim later tonight.

Moose and EC3 were shown talking backstage before Lashley walked up to them. Lashley told the duo that the two of them would fight in the main event tonight.

The Hardy brothers made their way to the ring. Matt said after the Great War, they said they are the greatest tag team of all time, and that includes all false champions such as “the Bucks of Youth and the Day of the New.” Matt asked Brother Nero to offer a eulogy for The Decay.  Jeff sang the “they’ll fade away and classify themselves as obsolete” song. Matt said he had a premonition that the next challengers will be determined tonight at Impact.  The Tribunal attacked the Hardy brothers and left them laying in the ring. A video package of Mike Bennett and Cody aired before the commercial break.

Rating – 6/10 – First off, Allie is the worst thing on TNA right now.  Terrible.  Absolutely terrible. Second, Matt Hardy is the best thing on TNA right now.  Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  Jeff just seems to be going through the motions and some times does not seem as in to the character as Matt.  The Tribunal attack makes sense, as it’s time the Hardy’s move on to another opponent.

Maria introduced Mike Bennett, who came out to a smattering of boos.  Cody (Rhodes) made his way to the ring with Brandi Rhodes. Early on, Cody went for the Beautiful Disaster kick, but the Miracle avoided it.  Cody jumped off the top rope on to Bennett on the outside. Bennett got Cody in position to perform a hanging DDT from the guard rail. After some back and forth, Cody hit the Beautiful Disaster kick, but did not go for a pin. Cody went for a top rope moonsault, but missed.  Bennett hit Cody with a Pedigree (yes, that move), which the announcers played off as a move to get into Cody’s head.  Cody came back with a top rope superplex that took a lot out of both men. Both men stood up and exchanged punches, but Cody hit Cross Rhodes out of nowhere for the pin.  Brandi entered the ring and the two shared a kiss. Backstage, Moose said tonight starts his journey to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Rating – 6/10 – The Cody and Bennett match was good, but nothing extremely memorable.  It felt like a letdown considering how big this could have and should have felt.  In fact, his first match should have been made a bigger deal out of. I don’t think you would have many people complain if this match was the main event of the night.

Marshe Rockett made his way to the ring for an X Division Championship matach against DJZ.  Rockett used his size and power to his advantage to open the match. DJZ tried to use his speed to take the advantage in the match.  Rockett continued to hit some impress power moves throughout the match. In the end, DJZ avoided a big splash and DJZ followed up with the DDZ.

In the back, Bennett said the company has always been out to get them. Allie said that Mike Bennett is also banned from ringside.

Rating – 6/10 – Rockett and DJZ actually worked well together despite their size differences.  It seems kind of odd to have someone of Rockett’s size in the X Division, but it works.

Maria and Gail Kim made their entrances for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Madison Rayne was on commentary for the match.  Maria quickly attacked with a trash can lid. The two fought up the ramp with Kim eventually getting Maria into a laundry cart and pushing her down the ramp and in to a ring post.  After a few minutes, Maria started hitting Kim with a kendo stick.  Kim blocked it and hit Eat Defeat.  Kim had Maria pinned but lifted her head up before the ref counted to three.  She grabbed a trash can lid and put it between her foot and Maria’s face and hit Eat Defat again for the win.

Rating – 5/10 – The women tried hard enough.  Maria is sub par in the ring but has been brilliant on the microphone.  It’s not fair to expect a 5 star match from her, so all of the weapons made sense.  Kim’s win also means that Maria no longer has any control over the Knockout’s division.

Before the main event, a video aired of three masked men sitting at a table. A computerized voice said that they are the supreme defenders and will bring back clarity and order to Impact Wrestling.  It said the masks are not to hide faces but to show that they are not afraid to take a stand.  The letters DCC flashed across the screen.

Moose made his way to the ring, followed by Ethan Carter III.  The winner of this match faces Bobby Lashley next week to determine the number one contenders to the TNA World Championship.  Moose hit an impressive drop kick that sent EC3 to the outside.  The action spilled to the outside where Moose hit a standing fireman’s carry to the ring apron. There was another impressive drop kick from Moose while Carter was sitting on the top rope. Moose connected with Carter’s head, showing good height from Moose. Moose blocked the one-percenter and hit the Game Breaker to win the match clean.  After the match, Lashley made his way to the ring.  The two men got face to face as the show went off the air.

Rating – 7/10 – A solid main event to wrap up a solid episode of Impact.  The finish makes sense as a Moose and Lashley showdown has been touted ever since Moose arrived a couple of months back.  On top of that, Carter appears to be headed in to a program with Eli Drake.  Some may have been expecting Drake to interfere given his comments last week, but it was for the best that he stayed out of it.


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