WWE NXT Review (9/14/16)


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This week’s episode of NXT is sure to be GLORIOUS as Bobby Roode takes on No Way Jose in the main event. The two have had some decent build in recent weeks, now it’s their chance to culminate with a good match. Not much else has been advertised, as I’m sure Trips’ focus is elsewhere. Lets get to it!

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Samoa Joe-Shinskue Nakamura Segment

Man, Joe has such final boss in a video game entrance music. Fans always praise NXT for how simple and straightforward, yet engaging their storylines can be. That’s exactly what this was. Joe said he did whatever it took to be champion because he wanted to be the best wrestler on the best brand. But, along the way he underestimated opponents like Nakamura and that caused him to lose his title. At Takeover Brooklyn, Nakamura earned his respect, and he kept it by granting him a rematch. The first bout Joe’s arrogance got the best of him. This time, after the war they had, two guys who respect each other so much will go again.

Welp so much for that. Joe is supposed to be a heel after all. I would have been fine with the feud the second time around being about mutual respect. But, Joe’s loss morphing him into an even more vicious heel works too.

The extended stretcher job came across well. Mostly due to how great Nakamura’s facial expressions were. I also liked William Regal coming down to the ring as well as Corey Graves leaving the commentary position to really sell the seriousness.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Liv Morgan vs Rachel Fazio

Wow the women’s division is the pits aside from Ember Moon and Asuka. Liv Morgan looks like a discount version of Carmella. It’s literally the same gimmick down to the hat and NY/NJ stereotype, a persona thats not great in the first place. The match sucked. They have to work on building up more women and they have to do it fast.

Rating: D

OK promo from Morgan calling out Asuka after the match. She has ALOT of work to do before she can legitimately be considered the 3rd most prominent woman on the brand.

I really hope the Sanity vignettes are leading to something great. They definitely are different to say the least.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Drew Gulak vs Hideo Itami

The benefit of having all the CWC guys around is you can sprinkle them into matches like this. I’m not sure having them lose all the time is the best way to use them though. It was cool to see how Gulak’s slaps woke up an aggressive side in Itami. We should see more of that from him, he just dosen’t work as a smiley babyface. Very basic match to get Itami a win.

Rating C-

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

The Authors of Pain vs Local Jobbers

Complete squash, so no rating here. The Authors of Pain are a cool team with a great look and have a legend Paul Ellering for a manager. They have it all, they just need to make me care about them. Let Ellering get on the mic and talk about their motivations, why he has unleashed them on NXT. Until then, they’re a great looking team, with no reason to give a damn.

Rating: N/A

Tye Dillinger cuts a promo on his roller coaster summer. Reminding everyone that there will be no speculation, he is still a perfect 10. Hopefully this means they’re giving him a push.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

No Way Jose vs Bobby Roode

It’s time for our main event! Roode appeared on a spinning platform with light shinning on him. This guy is could be over on entrance alone, forget about how great he is in the ring and on the mic. His gimmick is SO old school, yet it works so well. It’s like you took an 80s heel and plucked him right in the middle of 2016. And thank goodness his wrestling style matches the gimmick with spine busters and suplexes. I Don’t exactly except a man coming out in a robe to break out a 450 splash.

As for the match itself, it was definitely the best of the night, although there wasn’t much competition. Jose can definitely work for a man his size and him and Roode put together a nicely paced bout. It’ll be interesting to see where Jose goes after taking the loss and what’s planned for Roode.

Rating: C

Overall Rating: C-

VERY lackluster episode in-ring wise. It felt very much like going through the motions. The highlights were Joe’s beatdown on Nakamura and how it was referenced with updates throughout the show. As well as seeing Bobby Roode. He is GLORIOUS.

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