KO Show Goes Universal: Kevin Owens Crowned Champion


In a shocking ending to Monday’s edition of Raw, Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Big Cass in a Fatal 4-Way to win the WWE Universal Championship, the top prize for WWE’s flagship show.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

With the internet rampant with rumours that WWE had planned on re-joining the Roman Empire in progress and putting the belt back around his waist, and the internet fans clamouring for a Big Cass push, the WWE shocked everyone when Kevin Owens – with a little help from a returning Triple H – pinned Seth Rollins to become the second Universal Champion following Finn Balor’s relinquishing of the title due to injuries.

Big Cass impressed early, showing that, while still a little greener than the other three, could still hang with the main event, proving that in due time, he’ll have his own impressive singles run.

They even feigned a Reigns comeback late in the match, with Owens himself taking two Superman punches within mere minutes, seemingly ending any notion of the Prizefighter taking the prize, and cementing Roman’s fourth WWE World title in less than a year. But then the game changed when the Game himself returned to the WWE Universe, his first appearance in the WWE since his loss at Wrestlemania 32 earlier this year.

Triple H emerged out of nowhere to deliver a Pedigree to Roman Reigns, in apparent retaliation for the beatings and dethroning he took at Reigns’ hands in previous meetings, then sent his former protege and Authority-picked World Champion Seth Rollins in to take the pin. The WWE Universe was sure that this would mean the final nail in Owens’ coffin as far as claiming the belt.

But in yet another swerve, Triple H turned on his apprentice, delivering another Pedigree to Seth Rollins and offering up the sacrificial lamb to Owens, like a Whopper on Wednesday.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

In 3 quick counts, Kevin Owens was the new WWE Universal Champion, claiming his first World title in the WWE in just over a year, following an impressive run that began with a clean pin over John Cena on May 31, 2015 at Elimination Chamber, days after his main roster debut. A former NXT Champion, as well as 2-time Intercontinental Champion, Owens seemed to be drifting off of the title hunt with his recent pairing with Chris Jericho and their JeriKO tandem. But after Monday’s Raw, it’s clear that for now, the spotlight has returned to shine on the Montreal Superstar.

A 3-time PWG and once Ring of Honor World champion, anyone that has seen Owens wrestle – whether as Steen or Owens – has always known that despite his non-traditional appearance, he’s possessed every trait necessary to become a legend in this industry. A quick wit, a realistic delivery and an impressive athletic display for a man his size, Owens has lived up to every bit of the indie hype he entered the WWE Universe with.

And while many are questioning the need for Triple H’s interference, consider it the perfect assist to his first title run. It will most surely provide a distraction for both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in the interim so Owens can enter his first feud against someone other than a former Shield member, as Triple H potentially heads into the long rumoured feud with Rollins, with a possible bit of payback from Reigns as well. Owens can emerge from both those shadows and further show his importance and significance as a bold new Superstar to be reckoned with, without being the second fiddle Champ to a challenger like Rollins or Reigns.

The KO Show has had quite the journey in his 16-year career. But it’s safe to say, that after his Raw victory, it’s gone from the bingo halls to Universal distribution.

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Photo: WWE.com



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