Preview: OTT WrasslePOPS (9/2/2017)

Photo: OTT

Company: Over The Top Wrestling

Event: Wrasslepops

Venue: Tivoli Theatre, Dublin

Photo: OTT

OTT return home to the Tivoli after their epic WrestleRama double header, they are bringing a slimmer card than usual but it promises to be just as good as ever.

Match 1: Zack Gibson vs Bobby George Jr.

Photo: OTT

The most hated man in Dublin vs one of Dublins new favourites

Bobby George Jr (formerly Rob Cage) is a darts based gimmick that involves him entering to “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes and hitting a 180 on his opponent.  This gimmick is too good to put into words and really must be seen to be believed.  Against him is Zack Gibson the dastardly heel who is coming off a tag win over The Lads From The Flats (Paddy & Workie).  This will be a clash of two good wrestlers that the crowd are hot for that could steal the show.

Prediction: Zack Gibson to win

Match 2: Chief Deputy Dunne vs “The Pride Of Wales”Eddie Dennis

Photo: OTT

Dennis makes his long awaited (for me anyway) debut in OTT and I am ready to Party Hard.  His opponent the anti-fun Damian Dunne will no doubt be opposed to such partying, Dennis can easily take a loss here and I see Dunne going over.  Dunne may not like it but this match will be fun

Predictions: Chief Deputy Dunne to win

Match 3: Angel Cruisers (B.Cool & Angel Cruz) vs Justin Shape & Logan Bryce W/Valkyrie & William Humperdick

Photo: OTT

B.Cool faces former partner Shape after hitting him with a brainbuster at WrestleRama.  The Cruisers are both really entertaining so look out for some fantastic comedy here.  Shape and Bryce are good workers who have good chemistry and can carry the work rate side of the match.  With Shape and Bryce having the momentum and possible future tag champions I go with them winning here.

Predictions: Logan Bryce & Justin Shape to win

Match 4: Jordan Devlin vs David Starr

Photo: OTT

The man of 1005 nicknames finally comes to OTT, after impressing at this years Super Strong Style 16 tournament I have faith that he will fit right in here at OTT.  He faces super worker and the star of the Irish indies Jordan Devlin who at WrestleRama staked a claim for a NLW No Limits title shot.  With Devlin moving onto a title feud he will go over but this is going to be one hell of a match.

Predictions: Jordan Devlin to win

Match 5: OTT Tag Team Championship Match – Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damian Corvin) vs 2Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon)

Photo: OTT

This match has me torn.  I never in my life thought I would cheer for the KOTN but with 2U failing to get over as well as hoped and being sloppy in ring they arent the team that should be representing OTT and its tag division.  The KOTN are some of the best wrestlers in Ireland and I hope they continue to be showcased as our premier tag team.

Predictions: Kings Of The North to win and retain.

Match 6: Cereal Bowl Match- El Ligero vs Flip Gordon vs Will Ospreay vs Curtis Murray vs ???

Photo: OTT

What is a cereal bowl match you may ask.  Well I have no idea it seems to be a battle royal style match with the 5 participants entering at 2 minute intervals and thats as much as we know.  This match will contain a whole lot of good flippy stuff that will make Jim Cornette have a Cardiac Arrest.  The suprise entrant will probably be great as OTT never let us down with their suprises(hint its usually Marty Scurll).  Ligero and Ospreay are two greats of the current indie scene and I dont need to say mych about them.  Gordon is an impressive youngster who is starting to make waves in the USA.  But the one OTT fans will be most happy to see is Curtis Murray a homegrown talent who has impressed in his last two appearances at OTT contenders and put on a great match with Jody Fleisch in Belfast’s WrestleRama.  Ospreay being the big name will most likely go over but all eyes will be on Murray in this one

Predictions: Will Ospreay to win

OTT have a good looking card on show here.  They have also announced that Martina and Jurn Simmons will be there so look forward to an impromptu match or 2.


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