BREAKING: Asuka’s NXT Future Revealed at Tapings

BREAKING: Asuka's NXT Future Revealed at Tapings
Photo: WWE

Asuka’s ascension from her 511 day reign and 185 consecutive wins to the main roster has been a topic of debate for months, as fans on the internet discussed how the WWE would transition one of it’s most dominant champions in history to either Raw or Smackdown. Tonight at NXT’s next set of tapings, her fate was revealed, just days after she broke her collarbone while defending her title once again at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III.

BREAKING: Asuka’s NXT Future Revealed at Tapings

William Regal told the crowd that now that she has relinquished the title he was in active negotiations to send her to one of the two main roster brands.

WWE has confirmed the news through their NXT Twitter and on their official website.

Wrestling fans should stay tuned to see what is next for Asuka’s WWE career. What brand will she join? Will she continue her dominant unbeaten run?