Preview: OTT WrestleRama (Night 1: Dublin, 8/5/2017)

Photo: OTT

Company: Over The Top Wrestling

Event: WrestleRama

Venue: The National Stadium, Dublin

OTT returns to the scene of its biggest show ever with a huge main event and one of the most action packed cards you will see anywhere in the world.  WretleRama looks set to eclipse Scrappermania 3 as OTT’s best event ever.

Photo: OTT

Fleisch and Storm are veterans of the UK indie scene who were trained in NWA Hammerlock school that produced the likes of Finn Balor, Jimmy Havoc and Zack Sabre Junior.  Like their fellow graduates the two are technical based wrestlers and experts at putting on a 3-star match.  They will hopefully mesh well with the high flying antics of 2U and help the Sammon brothers have a good match without their usual sloppiness.

Prediction: 2Unlimited to win

Photo: OTT

Sterling and Gibson continue on their quest to get rid of Irish talent and fill OTT with Great British talent.  LFTF are the antithesis of the two well mannered, highly cultured opponents and are here solely to have a “knock” (a fight in normal terms) with the two Brits after Sha Samuels and Gibson tried to break Paddy’s leg.  This has been a well told us vs them, locals vs foreigner storyline that should come to a heated end here at WretleRama.

Prediction: Lads From The Flats to win

Photo: OTT

Devlin has returned to OTT with a bang after his WWE UK commitments as he defeated GFW Grand Champion Moose at the last show in a match that easily stole the show.  He will be looking to keep his momentum going and get another big win against international star Cross who is making his OTT debut.  I assume Devlin wins and hopefully moves on to a title feud.

Prediction: Jordan Devlin to win

Photo: OTT

Sydal debuts against his rival/tag partner Ricochet.  Ricochet returns to OTT having missed Scrappermania through injury and will be out to remind the OTT fans just why they were so enamored with him when he debuted.  This is purely an exhibition match that the crowd will eat up between two of the best at what they do.

Prediction: Ricochet wins

Photo: OTT

Havoc gets the opportunity to gain some revenge after Tracey cost him his OTT debut against Gibson.  The No DQ aspect plays right into Havoc’s hands.  Tracey denounces “James” and his hardcore tendencies and doesn’t want him anywhere near OTT so will be looking to send Havoc packing. Either way I am just extremely happy to have Havoc back in OTT

Prediction: Paul Tracey to win

Photo: OTT

The culmination of one of the longest and most heated rivalries in OTT as Harvey thinks that Martina and her constant partying are making women’s wrestling a sideshow and is intent on never letting her take back the title.  Martina is one of the most over stars on the roster and has the support of the OTT crowd as she looks to win back her title from her biggest rival.  With the women’s roster low on babyfaces meaning Harvey has only defended the title twice Martina needs to win here with a wealth of heel challengers out there.

Prediction: Martina to win and become the new champion

Photo: OTT

This match will be ridiculous, Cruz and Cool work best in more comedic matches and Ryan is no stranger to some ridiculousness (he does after all wrestle in DDT).  I’m not expecting a 5-star classic but this will probably be the most entertaining match on the card.

Prediction: Angel Cruisers to win

Photo: OTT

Just like at Scrappermania the KOTN defend in a trios match, this time against one of the hottest acts in the UK scene today in CCK.  Two talented teams that will no doubt blow the roof off the place.  CCK winning is easily the more crowd pleasing option against the hated KOTN but with 2Unlimited around it would make sense to keep the titles on the heels.

Prediction: Kings Of The North to win and retain

Photo: OTT

BSS have settled nicely into their co-main event role in OTT where their trios matches always leave the fans wanting more.  They go up against three absolute beasts in War Machine and Cobb who are also really athletic for their size.  I cant wait to see what feat of strength Bate pulls out this time having seen him airplane spin Hanson in PROGRESS.  THis will be a good BSS formula match with some really cool spots and a hot crowd.

Prediction: British Strong Style to win

Photo: OTT

Haskins was added to the match after the dusty finish to his match against Smile at Born To Be Wasted.  Smile and Scurll have history in OTT having faced off twice last year with Smile seemingly winning their “feud” but Scurll returned and beat Matt Riddle and Donovan Dijak thus staking a claim for the NLW title and so here we are three top tier wrestlers battling it out for the NLW title.  The hated Smile vs Heroic Haskins vs Fan Favourite Scurll in what is sure to be a heated contest.  Unfortunately OTT wont give the title to a part timer like Scurll and im not sure if Haskins is full time either but with Smile’s decision to start cutting back wrestling in the coming months this match is extremely unpredictable.

Prediction: Ryan Smile to win and retain

10 matches with the potential for more to be added with the ongoing storyline of Justin Shape and Logan Bryce trying to get booked.  We have a clearly stacked card that has the potential to top any show this year outside of WWE and NJPW.  The hype is real and come August 5th OTT will never be the same again

Photo: OTT