Epic Moments of Heartbreak: Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho


Admit it. Even if you are remotely a WWE fan, the segment where Kevin Owens turned on Chris Jericho and ended their year long partnership was a Hollywood-esque moment of emotional battery that you were briefly tear stricken.

Over the weekend, WWE shared Mattel’s news that the next run of WWE Epic Moments figures will mourn that tragic loss with a double package paying tribute to the Festival of Friendship

Photo: WWE

that ended the Jeri-KO union.


From the release:

It was hilarious, heartbreaking and even a bit harrowing. Whatever words you use to describe Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens’ “Festival of Friendship,” we can all agree on one descriptor that sums up its pageantry and tragedy: epic.

That’s why Mattel is kicking off its all-new WWE Epic Moments Series with an action figure set that allows collectors to recreate the final moments of Jeri-KO’s partnership, complete with the infamous “Creation of Kevin” poster, Jericho’s questionable statuary and the List of KO that sealed the fate of the first Undisputed Champion. Of course, this set also includes unique Elite-style action figures of Jericho and Owens, donning the attire they wore during the Feb. 13, 2017, edition of Raw.

Collectors can “drink it in, maaaaaan,” when the “Festival of Friendship” WWE Epic Moments set arrives in early 2018

This figure collection will effectively replace the mournful mixed tape whenever you break up with someone. You’ll just stare at these two figures and listen to this song:


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