WWE Battleground Preview: AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens
Photo: WWE.com

WWE United States Championship- (C)AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

The Story: Kevin Owens was drafted to SmackdownLive in the Superstar Shakeup and brought the US title with him.  Soon he began claiming that he was the Face Of America (despite being Canadian).  In his eyes SDL is beneath him and his title is the most prestigious in the brand.

Newly turned face Styles wants to defend the brand that he helped build last year.  These two fought in a grueling match at Backlash where Owens won by countout after getting Styles’ leg caught in a hole in the announce table.  The two then competed in the Money In The Bank ladder match where their paths crossed again.  At a house show in the iconic Madison Square Garden these two again faced off and this time Styles came out on top shocking Kevin Owens and the WWE fanbase.

Your new US champion is trying to bring back the prestige to the title and build another legacy in WWE, he was looking to bring back the John Cena style US open challenge, but he first must dispatch go Owens in his rematch here.  Owens on the other hand is a very vengeful man as shown when he last lost the title to Jericho he put him on the shelf shortly after and he will be looking to hurt Styles here and reclaim his place as The Face of America.

The Match:   Much like their last match its expected that Owens will dominate but Styles will use his agility to try and obtain an edge over the larger Owens.  This match will go long probably another twenty minute or so match that will steal the show like at Battleground. It will be interesting to see what plan Owens has to win without the champions advatage like he had in the last match.

Prediction: My wishful thinking has Styles tearing the house down in a US title defense at Summerslam.  For that reason im going for him to retain with both men moving onto their major feuds for SS.