Global Force Wrestling Adding Big WWE Name and 3 Top Indies


During today’s Global Force Wrestling conference call, announcer and creative member Jeremy Borash dropped some huge news. Four big names in indie wrestling – one of which is a former WWE Champion – will be joining Global Force Wrestling.


Photo: Lucha Underground

The pair is certainly hot news right now, with Taya’s recent departure from AAA over controversial booking from Head of Talent Vampiro (and John Morrison jumping in to attack him more on Twitter). But Borash announced that the pair will be working a series of GFW Live Events in August in New York and Connecticut, alongside his fiance Taya Valkyrie and their Lucha Underground co-star Drago (also of AAA) – August 4 at Long Island, NY, August 5 in Staten Island, NY and August 6 in Bridgeport, CT. While Drago has already appeared on television for GFW, the other two are so far only announced for live events. It’s a strange situation, as both Morrison and Taya are still under contract with Lucha Underground, which is co-owned by AAA (who they’re fighting with and probably both done with) – AAA has affiliation with GFW. Although this could also be proof that the current Twitter feud may actually be a work.

Photo: Twitter


OI4K has become one of the most underrated tag teams on the indie circuit, with a rabid cult following around the world. Brothers Dave Crist and Jake Crist have been tearing it up around the circuits, with matches in PWG, CZW, AAW, Beyond, IWA Mid-South, Wrestling Revolver and many, more. While predominantly a tag team duo, they also compete as a trio with third member Sami Callihan. Borash announced that the brother unit will be debuting with GFW shortly, which will be a nice addition to the GFW Tag Team division, which could use a few more solid contenders. Interestingly, Callihan could potentially join up with the Crist brothers – as a cast member of Lucha Underground, he’s allowed to appear on GFW. The only stipulation is he can’t appear as his LU character – which fine, because on LU he’s Jeremiah Crane. So he could actually make appearances on Impact Wrestling under his regular ring name of Sami Callihan.


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